XRP ARMY Moves To Stellar!? XLM Army Rises! Will You Cross Over?

This is the start…that is the rise of the XLM Army. XRP Army recruits are already switch sides and becoming a member of Stellar Lumens. Will you be subsequent? Today, Chico Crypto makes the argument for all of the XRP group to see, on why they need to drop Ripple XRP & be part of Stellar Lumens and the Lumen Army! Your savior Jed McCaleb is ready….

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00:08 Introduction: I Will Lead You Into Battle

00:51 I’m Coming For You Ripple XRP!

01:07 What Prompted This Video? The XLM Token Burn-50 Percent of the Supply!

01:49 XRP Army Should Transfer Over To The XLM Army

02:04 Argument #1: Coin Supply & Future Growth

02:31 Argument #2 Loyalty: Where Is The Loyalty For Ripple’s OG Founder?

04:13 Why Jed McCaleb Really Left Ripple XRP?

05:28 The Ripple & Stripe Deal Goes Poof!

05:46 Argument #3: The Ripple Founders Dump Tokens Including Jed

06:27 Argument #4: Ripple OG Investors & Former Board Members Ditch XRP

07:15 Argument #5: Stellar Consensus Protocol Is Not Flawed

08:37 Argument #6: Stellar Lumens Will Transform Cross Border Payments

09:40 Argument #7: The Old XRP Army Was Just As Bad & The Current One Is Losing Support

10:29 Outro

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