Wild Markets In Bitcoin And Stocks As Coronavirus Crisis Continues #LIVE CALL-IN – THS

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5177.90 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

$5134.81 USD – Bitcoin Satoshi

DJIA | Dow Jones Industrial Average | MarketWatch

S&P 500 recovers a few of its steep losses after halt, now down 6%

Federal Reserve slashes charges to zero, restarts QE in emergency Sunday announcement

Crypto Prepped Before Coronavirus Went Global – CoinDesk

Flatten the curve – COVID-19 | These pointers are supposed to assist Flatten the Curve with the COVID19 outbreak, to assist l

Wild Markets In Bitcoin And Stocks As Coronavirus Crisis Continues #LIVE CALL-IN - THS

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  1. Turn your mic gain up. you are so quiet that over the last few months every time I try and watch your show I simply can't hear you. I don't have this problem with anyone else. I haven't been watching your show anymore because of this.

  2. Say "Meathead Badger" instead of COVID/SARS-CoV-2 – whatever.
    It is far more accurately descriptive anyway – gets at the cause and how to stop the next one…
    You know, "Cultural Meatheadism" and all that. Put the blame where it belongs…
    This Meathead Badger is loose and roaming. The next one is ready and waiting. Still too early to learn lessons?
    The Bitcoin Badger? Booooring! (Scorecard: 7130 v 4915)
    Btw: The last big meathead badger (1918 Flu) was caused by a US chicken slaughterer – and it killed 50 million.
    KInd of a high price for meatheadism, huh? (But MUST keep all that quiet, huh?)
    PS: Did you say rely on the military? Nobody despises "weak civilians" more than the military… (NOT a good idea!)

  3. Great content as always! Bitcoin’s recent price action is primarily a result of the coronavirus outbreak affecting global markets and driving investors towards the safety of cash, With this sharp decline, Bitcoin’s potential as a safe-haven asset is being questioned, but we believe it is too early to seek any correlations between Bitcoin and other asset classes. It's smarter to earn profit and stack up in this bear market by getting your holdings into the active trading market from which I have grown my portfolio from *2.9btc-11btc already, with the help of Mr Walter Arrav’s trading guide and signals, Which have been lucrative trading with. if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio or investment, Contact him via Telegram @Waltertrading12 or mail: [email protected] com

  4. What you think – time will be more harder than 1987 and 2008 ? Or Bitcoin soon will go to the moon ? FRS makes money and that money can go to grow up bitcoin price and more . What you think about EU and China and Russion politics at this moment ?

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