Wikileaks Calling Out Coinbase / Bitcoin Cash …I Imply BTC …I Imply Bitcoin…..I Imply BCH

A pair extra attention-grabbing items of stories. This house strikes so fast and I LOVE IT.

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Wikileaks Calling Out Coinbase / Bitcoin Cash ...I Imply BTC ...I Imply Bitcoin.....I Imply BCH

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  1. I easily understand why Roger and many others now support Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin. They got involved with Bitcoin early and signed up for a digital currency which could scale up for the entire earth to use – and this is the vision in the Bitcoin Cash community. Although I think Roger is putting too much energy in the past and should instead solely focus on the success of Bitcoin Cash.

  2. Hi Dan,
    Could you do a video for newbies regarding best litecoin exchanges.
    I have the Coinbase app but not sure if I want to use it.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. What you think the bitcoin should be and what I think should be is open for interpretation we can't physically hold Bitcoin so who's to say you can't use yours as a store of value and I use mine as a electronic cash. Unless you can make a video showing us what a Bitcoin looks like in your hand? And as far as shunning you mean how people call Bitcoin cash Bcash Btrash Bcrash because right out the gate the BTC community was throwing hate towards it now the tables turned and it seems like the BTC Community doesn't like it.

  4. BCH will never ever be BTC. They are fundamentally different entities. This could lead to a class action as I think it really needs to be sorted out for the good of the crypto community.

  5. I bought a trezor. Waiting for it to come via Amazon. Don't want to take any chances. Especially as the price goes up and now with what WikiLeaks are saying. Wow.

  6. "The right to privacy is a basic human right." The idea behind crypto should be to act as a guard dog against intrusive government. The smartest minds in the tech world need wake-up to seriously explore, write code and implement, and further expand across the industry the ultimate provisions to safeguard private information.

  7. "Privacy is paramount." (1) Exchanges must be held accountable by us as traders and investors regardless of what any government wishes. We must demand it and turn this into a global movement. (2) Programmers, pay attention, it is crucial to further decentralise and ultra-encrypt, encrypt, encrypt.

  8. Coinbase sux! They have turned on Bitcoin. Get cash app. No fees. Roger Ver is a scumbag. If anyone has lost money because they bought BCash due to him falsely labeling it as Bitcoin on, then they should sue him. He is intentionally misleading people. I have no idea why anyone buys that Btrash. Attempting to steal the name of Bitcoin is immoral, straight up. They ought to be shunned for that. I totally agree with you. Most people see through it. Some who don't understand what's going on, unfortunately.

  9. This dudes doper the dope! Like he’s real, got his head on his shoulders. All these other cryptos with billions in supplies and these kids making crap up about it going to $17.27 is so annoying. So thanks for being real

  10. Bitcoin Cash is not bitcoin it's an altcoin an alternative currency to BTC. There are many faster and more sophisticated crypto than Bcash.

  11. First off No 3,2,1 ..WTF. Roger is an Idiot well, obviously he isn't, but he sure acts like one. And I agree with a lot of folks here in this channel, at some point for all of this to work
    Coinbase, who I trust with my money, and any other legitimate company that wants to hold my money, has to comply to some rules and regulations and be centralized to some degree.
    When the light is red, but no one is on the road, you still stop and wait. If we all just ignored the rules..well that's not the future I want either.

  12. Good report, I didn't know was doing that (if it's true, I didn't look). Has anyone used a Shift card? I was going to look into it. I want to start paying with my ltc! I haven't actually made any purchases with crypto yet.

  13. Coinbase cut off their merchant services with no advanced notice. They are acting more and more like a large institutional bank. As far as I know they have not publicly given a valid reason for doing so.

  14. whoever someone hates on bch, i imitatively stop listening. its WAY to stupid to be allowed to go on. its so sad that the ltc people are to stupid to see that bch is clearly the real btc. if you like it or not. the war had been a certainty since the split, but people are to stupid to see it. i know you guys are ltc people, and this will only help you. but supporting core, is being retarded. im sorry guys, its the truth. you make me soooooo fucking sad

  15. Hi Dan,
    What wikileaks stated unfortunately is true !
    There’s few exchanges that provides the trade of fiat to crypto despite the popularity and user friendly, why? Even tho it’s a successful money making trade with a massive turnover?
    The answer is “regulation”
    When you trade with a fiat currency of any country it means you have to provide details of every single transaction and in depth.
    Back in a days I used to mine cryptos and registration in pools and exchanges didn’t ask for my IDs.
    But now is different and governments can trace every single transactions from and to
    And in order for Coinbase to trade and licenses they have to provide whatever informations they hold to any organisations whether it’s a revenues or intelligent services !
    That’s why fiat crypto exchanges are limited

  16. IF one wanted to circumvent Coinbase altogether, what avenues would you recommend or do you currently use?? Thank you in advance for some insight here folks.

  17. Bshit is crashing as we speak. I don’t mean to spread FUD…..just that what goes up…must come down. Very happy with the steady growth of true coins. RV is a ex-con and he could do so much better if he would just go back to Bitcoin.

  18. Hey I was wondering about the Abra litecoin ordeal. I had thought that they would allow the transfer of litecoin to there accounts by now

  19. Coinbase has to be paying millions of dollars in taxes every year.You grow your business every year and then the IRS comes knocking. These guys are very good at destroying lives. So you ARE going to roll over and show then your belly. Imaging, you have a mortgage, a couple kids in school and a business that could set your family up for generations. the pressure to "go along and get along" is going to be enormous.

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