Why You Should Stay Away From Day Trading Bitcoin

Please Stay Away From Day Trading Bitcoin***** WATCH THIS FOR BTC PREDICTION ? Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price Prediction ?

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In this video Alexander Lorenzo talks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency day buying and selling and why it’s best to avoid it utterly. People that promote Bitcoin buying and selling and learn how to day commerce are incorrect, its a lot simpler to foretell the long run worth development of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin elementary evaluation.

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This is just not monetary recommendation, I’m merely speaking about my expertise with cryptocurrency. If you wish to put money into cryptocurrency please do your individual analysis and make investments at your individual danger.

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Why You Should Stay Away From Day Trading Bitcoin

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  1. Found your channel recently since I've been thinking about getting into crypto. Love all the content. Bought the course. Really appreciate the no nonsense, no bullshit information!

  2. Damn man, you gave away the secret hahahahah
    You know, its funny how I used to close my alt positions after exhaustive trading days and watch bitcoin beat them with relaxing ease.
    I guess you know you are really helping the people who will listen. I know this is right by experience as I am sure you know by experience also.
    I will say thank you man for the ones that dont get it yet.

  3. I really appreciate @ RYANBURNNET_FXTRADE on Instagram for a successful investment and trading opportunity . I'm happy to say even with the ongoing crisis , still profit is being made everyday . $ 10,430 profit recieved !!

  4. Can’t say I agree. I made 25k$ off trading bitcoin in 2 months… only invest 1.8k. You just have to know what your doing….🤷🏽‍♂️

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  9. I cant still believe that real hackers still exist, Swifthackzone_ generated 12 btc to my wallet, god bless this man, follo w him on |G

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  11. I started bitcoin being a day trader, not until I meet SWIFTHACKZONE_ on !!G… I invested my 8BTC and it yielded 21BTC. I can't even express my Feelings

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  15. This video depressed me at first but it's really true. I just looked at Bitcoin again today, saw it went up 3%, remembered I lost about $120 trying to carefully day trade this weekend and stressing myself out mentally… and just letting my Bitcoin sit there it went up 3%. So yah, just wanted to say this video seriously helped me, trading isn't for me and I honestly hate doing it, I just want to make more money lol.

  16. I remove my dislike after hearing the SUPER COMPUTER thingy, but I'm still partially agree with you. There are ways to capitalize crypto thru trading if you know coding dude.

  17. So many traders are afraid and confused seeing different testimonies and so called online managers and yet they still loose their money in the hands of scammers, my advice for everyone is that you all should be careful because i was a victim of such and i was lucky i meet Mr carlos @Carlos__1uptrades on INsta who i trust now without any fear to loose my money because i have benefited from his amazing trading strategies more than 5 times.

  18. This video is from June 6, You say your course is $50?? I clicked on the link for blockchainbasics and the price was $750!! I like your videos, but am new to this. I wouldn't pay $750 for a book, which you indicate in this video you worked on for 30 days. I have read great historical novels written over a course of a year or more, which sold for $12. This level of pricing does, sorry to say, make me suspicious. A good book can make you a millionaire when sold for $15 to $20, but yours is priced at $750? Why should it cost so much?

  19. Hi Alexander. It seems day trading in cryptos should be limited to 1% to 5% of one's wealth– for entertainment purposes only. Trading for the long term means finding the good cryptos with solid use cases and being patient enough to ride the ups and downs and of course knowing when to get out. I've gone way beyond my base positions in BTC (and all the forks- got in early), same with LTC, THETA, and DGB. Now I'm working on LINK and ETH. I get what you're saying. Real wealth in cryptos comes after adoption by the mainstream. We are beginning to see it. Exciting times.

  20. Age old story. Get rich by selling "get rich quick" books".

    Daytrading crypto only gets you eaten by whales who can and do manipulate prices because it's unregulated. Exchanges make money because they eat your desperate fees. Swing trading, maybe. So far it only looks good because it's a general upward tremd. Even a 90% bad trader and strategy who would lose big will be 10% ahead if the trend is 100% up…

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