Why You Should Buy BITCOIN | The BEST Methods To Purchase It…

Why Bitcoin can attain $500,000 or extra in the long run and the perfect methods to purchase Bitcoin as a newbie.

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0:00 – Intro

1:29 – Recent Bitcoin Rally

2:37 – What is Bitcoin?

3:37 – Bitcoin to $500,000?

6:02 – Bitcoin Advantages

7:33 – Bitcoin previous $500,000?

9:10 – Too Late To Buy?

10:41 – Best Ways To Buy Bitcoin


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Why You Should Buy BITCOIN | The BEST Methods To Purchase It...

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  1. How is bitcoin a store of value if the price fluctuates 3k to 4k dollars in few hours to days. Plus how can it be a medium of exchange when its value keeps changing every second.

  2. Very informative from me as an novice to Bitcoin. Since I do not want to get involved with keys and storing on my own , I bought on GBTC and Paypal ( which I am more excited about ). Would like to hear any draw back or advantages on Paypal. thanks

  3. Prior to the pullback in the price of bitcoin, the open interest of the Bitcoin futures market just recently hit a new record. The derivatives market was also overheated with buyers, causing the market to sway to one side. This spike is as a result of the manipulation in the market because just recently some huge liquidations were seen on some exchanges with the price of bitcoin being manipulated and also noting the highly volatile nature of the asset It's best accumulate and stack up more coins so as to stay safe and make profit always. I trade daily to increase my holdings and I have been able to amass 11 btc in my portfolio through the help of Steven Dunn's trade signals. Trading with Steven's trade signals has been tremendously helpful in my trades because my win ratio increased drastically and I urge investors to find suitable experts like him, he could be reached on whatsapp +15162001939 and Telegram @stevendunn471 for any trader looking to stay profitable all the time

  4. Fantastic video ❤️I still see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and i totally love the technology when it comes to the largest crypto asset Bitcoin As a trader, i have been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypto and everyone has their opinions when it comes to choosing sides, though i am not kicking against Hodl, but i see it as an old and odd strategy to make profit of the market as when the market goes bearish investors/traders loses their investment which is always painful, when you can take advantage of the market by involving in day trading or copying trade alert from a professional trader that understand the market and use strategy to generate signals daily to make profit to grow your portfolio as i have been doing with Mr Steven Dunn for the past 5 weeks and i have been able to day trade to grow my initial 0.8 btc to 6.8 btc which you will rethink and see that trading is better/profitable. Steven Dunn's daily signals are very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment. Steven can be contacted via Whatsapp: +15162001939 and telegram @stevendunn471 on how to trade profitably,

  5. The cryptocurrency market has made a lot of people very wealthy over the past decade. However, due to the volatile nature of the prices of digital currencies, it is understandable that many people, especially new traders, are hesitant to trade crypto currencies. The good news is that now, there are many trading tools, such as trading signals, automated trading software and many more, that enables traders to trade bitcoins and other crypto’s profitably. I have been investing with Mr Steven Dunn's trading services, a trading specialist who has helped me accumulate over 4.5 BTC for the past 3 weeks with just my starting 0.9 BTC can equally help you achieve that. If you are a trader or a new investor to the crypto currency space, this is the right time for you to hold more bitcoin now, and with the help of Mr Dunn's trading services, you won’t regret your actions, you can reach him via telegram @stevendunn471 or whatsapp +15162001939 for inquiries on profitable trading systems,..

  6. في الشهرين الماضيين ، ربحت أكثر من 60 ألف دولار من Bitcoin ، لكن نجاحي لم يبدأ بهذه الطريقة أبدًا لأنني تكبدت خسائر كبيرة قبل نقطة التحول الخاصة بي في مجال Crypto. لقد اشتريت 2BTC في العام الماضي والتي ارتفعت بسرعة في الاتجاه الصعودي لكنها خسرت في النهاية معظمها وبيعت ما تبقى. كان هذا آخر ما كنت سأفعله مع عملات البيتكوين حتى تعرفت على السيد أنتوني أولاً ، وطلب معرفة تجربتي التجارية. ثم قدم لي نظرة سريعة على ما يجب البحث عنه عند اختيار منصة ومجموعة من الأشياء الأخرى التي قد لا يخبرك بها معظم المتداولين ذوي الخبرة. والأهم من ذلك ، أنه قدم لي تصميمه المصمم خصيصًا وقدم لي المشورة المهنية وإشارات التداول الدقيقة. مع نظامه ، أصبح التداول سهلاً ومربحًا ، وأريد أن أنشر الكلمة وبالتالي أساعد العديد ممن هم في وضعي المؤسف السابق. لجميع الأسئلة ، يمكنك الوصول إليه عبر telegram @ Anthonyfred117 للحصول على إرشادات

  7. Million Dollar Potential in Ruvol

    I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that is guaranteed to be far more challenging and exciting than CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.”

    Over time, Ruvol will surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

    Why am I so sure about this? Because I am an avid chess player myself. The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It’s for this reason I invented Ruvol where every game is always challenging and exciting to play.


    Ruvol is played somewhat like chess. I purposely invented Ruvol to give chess a direct “apple-to-apple” competition.

    Like chess, Ruvol is played by two players. It uses a board that is rectangular in shape but containing more number of squares than chess. Like chess, it has equal number of pieces on each side of the board, where each type of piece moves in distinct ways. However, if the way to win chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king, the way to win Ruvol is to be able to cross a designated line.

    But there’s one biggest advantage Ruvol has over chess that makes Ruvol a very challenging game to play. What is this? Unlike chess, the Ruvol pieces are randomly placed at the start of every game which makes it impossible for any clever player to memorize the moves. Fischer Random Chess, also known as Chess960, likewise introduced a random set up, but with many exceptions. Ruvol is 100% random.

    At present, there is no other board game in the world within the same category of chess “where chess players can switch to.” Chess is totally a monopoly in its class. With the coming of Ruvol, chess has finally found its match!


    In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. These 800 million players comprise the “Total Potential Buyers” of Ruvol across the globe. At an average profit of just US$3 per set, the “Global Income Potential” of Ruvol then is US$2.4 billion. Assuming only 1% of it will buy each year, the annual global potential sale of Ruvol is US$24M.


    For the reason that I don’t have the resources to publish Ruvol on a global scale, I find it “wiser” to simply sell my copyright.

    If you’re interested to buy my copyright, email me your BEST PRICE OFFER—[the copyright goes to the most reasonable bid]. My email address is: [email protected] [Or perhaps you can help me find a buyer, and I’ll reward you with a commission.]

    Thanks and God bless!

    The Ruvol Inventor

    Early bird catches the worm!

  8. Bitcoin has held above $10k for over 90 days (Closing basis). This is the longest period in its history. Despite the sell-off, BTC has remained resilient above $10k. This trend shows that the buyer demand for BTC is overrunning the selling pressure and this also shows that BTC, cryptocurrency is here to stay and i will advice traders/investors to invest in cryptocurrency as i have been doing with Dr Ovid Williams who has been giving me accurate signals that i use to trade daily in which i have been able to make 6.9 btc with my initial 0.9 btc in my first 5 weeks of using his strategy/signals. He is a great analyst and extremely good at designing trade strategies for different market situations as i have also come to usderstand that Trading with the right strategy is the KEY in the crypto sector and its more profitable when you use a good strategy or copy trade alert from a professional trader. Dr Ovid Williams can be contacted via whatsapp 447828466458 and @ovidwilliams for more info about cryptocurrency and profitable trading.

  9. Hey Justin, trading of BTC is not available in Singapore on coinbase pro. Any other recommendations? Thanks for doing what you do!

  10. Using DCA has been my best way of buying Bitcoin. It provides the best leverage in the market. Use of privacy enhancement services like Bitcoinmix also helps in providing anonymity and privacy when I move my coins. And also, we should be custodians of our own keys.

  11. If you want to buy crypto I would suggest they are cheaper for small orders. The security I'm not sure how they are compared to coinbase but I transfer everything to a ledger just because its safer and I sleep better.

  12. I made through maskoffweb,com website they fund me $5,000 to my blockchain address few hours ago for my bill earning with mask make everything work..:

  13. Are you interested in earning more Bitcoin or growing your Bitcoin every day? I am an affiliate of this company that uses advanced digital software and artificial intelligence (AI) to trade on the international Forex markets. Members join a trading pool with a minimum of US$100 worth of Bitcoin. Daily profits generated from the trading are converted in Bitcoin and divided in a sustainable manner and are added to member accounts according to their share in the total trading pool.

    There is no monthly fees, and the money can be withdrawn at any time. No trading experience is required as the system is automated and does everything for you. here is my personal e-mail if you are interested [email protected]
    here is the company s website or my affiliate link :
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  14. If coinbase or pro were to get hacked and you keep it stored there, do they have insurance to cover that for 100% of your loss?

  15. Gold has an intrinsic value and doesn’t need to be owned physically. A lot of companies and institutions allow you to buy into the physical asset without minting it and taking physical delivery.

  16. Justin, it has come to my attention that buying BTC through Robinhood has been really easy. Although I would not purchase stocks through it, I think the platform is well suited for ease of use. I hate coinbase and the hoops and the user experience of it. Always asking me to authenticate the app…

  17. Have 1 bitcoin I bought at ~$3,500. Don't look at it but personally think it's a near useless "currency" but holding 1 bitcoin cause of FOMO tbh and potential I am wrong

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