Why The $6M Development Fund For Bitcoin Cash Will Be Paid By BTC Miners And Different BCH News!

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?Bitcoin Cash miners plan $6M improvement fund for BCH

The plan, printed by Btc.primes Jiang Zhuoer, entails committing 12.5% of all block rewards earned by miners to the event fund over the following six months, which might add as much as over 6 Million USD with a value of 300 {dollars} per BCH


?BCH Integrated into greater than 13,000 ATMs in South Korea

Mecon Cash has built-in BCH into its funds platform, which is related to one of many greatest suppliers of ATMs in South Korea.


?Cashfusion alpha launches on Bitcoin Cash

The latest privacy-preserving protocol Cashfusion has been launched as a public alpha.

In the announcement by sploit on, they said:


?Gaming large Ubisoft seems to be to help blockchain startups

Ubisoft is recruiting new startups for the fifth season of its incubator program, placing deal with Blockchain know-how for the third yr.


?Musician, Akon plans to construct a futuristic African metropolis, with its personal cryptocurrency

The musician and entrepreneur, Akon, has introduced his plans to construct a brand new futuristic ‘Crypto metropolis’ in Senegal, Africa. The deliberate metropolis will settle for a digital money foreign money known as AKoin, with the town being constructed on a 2,000-acre plot of land.



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Why The $6M Development Fund For Bitcoin Cash Will Be Paid By BTC Miners And Different BCH News!

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  1. Mining TAX? Meet the new Central Bankers same as the old Central Bankers. I love BCH but this is a bad idea.

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  3. Everyone who adds value to a Blockchain should be compensated, the nodes, the developers, the miners, everyone. Donations are fine but for an enterprise to survive it should be self-sustaining. This means the users of the system should pay for the service. Long term this will require that the transaction fees cover all costs including development and maintenance.

    Forget Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash should stand on its own. If you can get it for free then fine, but don't build a system that depends on funding from a source other than your customers.

  4. This reminds me of when Netflix upped its subscription prices and their stock took a nosedive because customers were pissed

  5. The BCH mining tax pushes BTC miners from mining on BCH. We dont want BTC miners mining on BCH and selling it at a lower price to keep BCH prices down. We need only BCH fans mining on BCH. by saying you disagree with the proposal ,you are saying BCH price should be low. WE need this tax for some years and remove it later on. BCH fans need this. This tax will make BCH go up in price way faster than any invester putting money on Bitcoin Cash.

  6. No one pay attention to the dum troll posting under me. First and foremost Bitcoin will dump eventually. It's only a store of value. Look at ZIL and what they can do. Also this dum little girl under me has no clue what type of money is to come in to this market. If they did they would hold.

  7. I can see bitcoin cash headed back to low 300's in a week because of this, how about this idea instead… investing 6 million instead of the miners… then you get a nice tax write off…

  8. Roger seems to always talk over his co-host. He doesn't really give them a platform and let them speak their piece.

  9. Hey Roger why do you not talk about Nano? They have 0 fees, faster tps and scales based on users. You out of everyone is who I'd expect to be shilling that.

  10. You have got to love Roger's consistency WRT to privacy and shutting down gov't interference while a lot of projects just bend to anything govts want.

  11. Roger, your logic saying BTC miners are helping to pay for the $6M makes zero sense. It's smoke-and-mirrors reasoning. Miners will determine which coin to mine based on what's most profitable. Yes, BCH miners can make more due to a drop in difficulty but the 12.5% tax makes it harder to be profitable. You're ASSUMING that BCH will be more profitable due to difficulty going down which is wrong. You can't know that because most miners will go to where it is most profitable. A tax on BCH is still a tax on BCH; it doesn't "move" anywhere. BCH miners will always need to overcome the tax to break-even regardless.

  12. and @RogerVer that was very important right thing now with Donaten of BCH and miner Tax is important for the grow of crypto + BCH.

    that is what we are need on the crypto space.

    so i like and i love BCH now more than in the past.
    Youre Team is only #nr.1 on the crypto mining space. so i hope we can start the mining rocket now to the MooN.
    Roger u create a very good new star on the sky. great job

  13. Well people have the right to choose freely. If there's people who don't like/want this dev tax to be implemented then there is going to be hard fork and after the fork there will be BCH with the dev fund and BCH without the dev fund. Plain and easy just like BCH separated from BTC in 2017.

  14. Satoshi (Craig Wright) took care of all of the issues in its ORIGINAL DESIGN and plan… all of it working perfectly fine on BSV, the real Bitcoin.
    Honest people will be honest, liars will be liars and complete crooks will always be complete crooks…

  15. I won't be sticking with bch if this shit goes through, disgusting that it's even being discussed. They can do it voluntarily if they really wanted to.

  16. 1% sure but 12.5% is insane specially with the price as it is. Don't feel like the community week be behind this forced tax. Isn't that what you Roger complain about government about?

  17. Why not setup a system similar to dash, where holders of BCH can vote on proposals for projects that improve it?

  18. This is going be good. I'm strapped in. I've got my pen and paper. I'm ready to jump through the convulsed mess which is this explanation. I expect when I get to the end I'll be convinced that 1+1=2 and only bad guys lose.

  19. Adding a mining tax to BCH will reduce its profitability making both BTC and BSV more profitable to mine by comparison. You're completely glossing over this very basic economic fact. The block reward halving across all 3 chains will make competition for hash power even more intense and the BCH mining tax handicaps the coin even further. BCH has had no transaction growth for the last 7 months, its the result of zero adoption.

  20. lol, BCH is turning into a right shitshow, it says a lot when no one is willing to pay for the devs on BCH so have to be taxed, pissing myself laughing here

  21. I will say as fan of BCH, this is pretty disappointing. This was what made me sick about PoS and DPoS. It’s the reason I pretty bullish about PoW. They have these slush funds that are pretty mismanaged and highjacked by whales in their networks. I don’t see how forcing miners to pay for this as not a tax. We got to be real about it. It’s not a donation. Hopefully it plays out well. We will see!!

  22. I'm pan handling on this post for BCH qpgzh9yqyu7e3vmh0rrta0hurzeur2mrkgfh6dsun9 if I get enough BCH I'll setup a miner for this bch 12.5% to dev funds. Too bad I cant mine on a computer per the bitcoin original white paper.

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