Why Goldman Is Wrong About Bitcoin (WTM Ep: 019)

This week we observed Goldman put out a very biased report saying Bitcoin is not an asset class…

So on this episode, we make clear why theyre flawed about cryptocurrencies.

Also, economies are starting to open up, which is inflicting battle and confusion. Some shares are at all-time highs, the place the overwhelming majority of S&P shares are struggling.

In this episode, youll be taught:

Why Goldmans Report Saying Bitcoin Isnt An Asset Class Is Dead Wrong

– How Personal Liberties Are Being Challenged Around The World

– Why FAAANM Stocks Are Dominating The Market Gains

– How To Scale Into Investments When Markets Panic

Which Market Sectors Are Making Big Rebounds

– And Much More!


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Why Goldman Is Wrong About Bitcoin (WTM Ep: 019)

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  1. The issues with Tether are very concerning to me, and I really dislike the direction bitcoin is going technologically. When I first got into it, microtransactions and low fees were one of the biggest talked about points, now it's just a "store of value". Blockstream changed the narrative on what bitcoin is meant to be. The original whitepaper by Satoshi says that it's a peer to peer electronic cash, right in the title, but that's not what is anymore, it can't be since they won't increase block sizes. Yes, they have second layer solutions, but they aren't easy for the average user and almost nobody uses them. I think it's highly over valued right now and every day I see it more as a failed computer science experiment than a success. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

  2. Great show as always. Started learning and getting into Options recently. It is amazing to see the gains and losses. It reminds me of Crypto. What do you think about Options??

  3. Hey Chris, what you think about Etherium and Tezos, I don’t own any but the charts look like they made a pretty good base

  4. Bitcoin has been around over 10 years and is still slow & featureless. Terrible store of value dropping 85% and 75% in the past 2 years. Flawed design requiring miners to dump new bitcoin on the market to pay their electric bills polluting the environment along the way. Spaghetti code that’s had 2 inflation bugs. No audits. No staking. No trustless interest. When everyone becomes a maximalist, it’s time to go the other way and open your eyes to better crypto.

  5. So happy to watch your show . So much value. We don't have anything like your show here in Paris france. it helps me to take wright position. Thanks for the share. Jeff

  6. Hi all, can I ask a newbie question as I don't know anyone who deals in cryto. In a absolutely worst case scenario you loose your money in cryoto, but don't go into oweing eg. Coinbase. Unlike stocks, where worse case scenario for stocks you could loose all your money plus go into minus and owe the stock broker. Is this right?

  7. Did Travis ever answer my question about why he considers Stock Buybacks as the same as dividends? If so, I must have missed it.

  8. My thought on this is that they will try to dump the price to prove their point while taking people's money and then when the news starts saying that Goldman was right about BTC then there is going to be a huge spike to new highs. Last but not least do not forget China and trade wars… BTC may be part of this.

  9. They might not be geniuses over there at Goldman, but at least they know bitcoin isn't money. Dump the digital fiat phony stuff and get real money! Gold!

  10. I give it 3 years before they start offering bitcoin to their clients. They just need time to accumulate

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