Why Digibyte Can Easily Reach $1+ Like Bitcoin & Litecoin Despite Its Max Supply? | My 5 Top Reasons

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Why Digibyte Can Easily Reach $1+ Like Bitcoin & Litecoin Despite Its Max Supply? | My 5 Top Reasons

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  1. 21B DGBs in the world may not be enough. Just like BTC's 21 million we know now is not enough. I say Jared got the number right. There's enough for everyone who wants to get in and for those who took the risk of getting hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions . . . they get rich in an exorbitant and luxurious way. Can anyone think of any other crypto that comes close to doing what DGB does? Look anywhere in the top 100 cryptos. If you find one let me know and I'll invest in it.

  2. The universe can only put up for so long with the deceit, criminality, greed, and evil inventiveness of investment bankers and politicians. When regular people get frustrated over this out-of-balance lopsided system where only 1% of the population is considered worthy of wealth something has to happen to restore the balance. In this case DGB is one among a few of those instruments to make it happen. One dollar is a 50x move from where it is now but very possible for the near future. I see it going a lot further due to its versatility and supreme scalability as a currency. It's going to put the old financial system to shame because you can't cheat it, or, for that matter, manipulate it like in the old system. Honesty has its place in the world. Go DGB!

  3. People are brainwashed about bitcoin, biggest shitcoin imo. High txs fee, slow slowww. Also RBF protocol killed BTC for daily use. How is the world gonna use such a shitty coin?
    A store of value yeah yeah … pff. Just a matter of time BTC will get less populair. Just use it and get aggravated.
    So people get DGB at these prices while we can. My financial opinion.
    A block time of 15 seconds, instant payments on the DGB network. Cheap to send etc.

  4. Given that DGB and BTC are two entirely different animals having two different functions DGB is the better speculation given it's price. It's a shame that BTC is considered an asset on the COMEX and is subject to taxation on capital gains. If you hold it in a 401K you get taxed (so don't put it in a 401K). DGB on the other hand, being a means of exchange, never ICO'd and no CEO, is totally decentralized with no one to put in jail because a government official doesn't acknowledge its existence. Hard to pass up.

  5. Unfortunately, price is driven by traders, not investors. It’s the wild Wild West. Traders are penny-wise and dollar foolish. Which is why most lose long term.

  6. Am glad I bought tons of DGB, a year ago. And I see Bitcoin as I see Windows 3.1 there's much better coins available.
    DGB transactions fees are under a penny and is fast. I got my barman into cryptos, when I pay my tab I tip him in DGB.
    When Bitcoin was almost $20,000 there were 28 transactions that had a fee of over $1,000 and 350,000 transactions that had a fee of over $100. I still have a sliver of a bitcoin that I bought for a grandson when he was born. Will it pay for a car, a house or education? I don't know, but my stack of DGB + many other Cryptos like Zil and Theta will take care of all of us 🙂

  7. The only reason you need is the anarchy that is hitting the western world right now. China similar to the virus will be unscathed.

  8. I disagree with u about one thing only the value u saying DGB will be 1$ in the future but I wanna mention that XRP the most shit coin in the markcap and centralised also with 100B in circulation and reach 3.5$ in the last bullrun so I think next time DGB will be at least early 5$

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