Which Ethereum Mining Software Are YOU Using Right Now?

Which GPUs are you Buying now for Mining?

How To Bios Mod 5700 XT:

lolMiner AMD/Nvidia:

WorkforceRedMiner AMD:

Phoenix Miner AMD/Nvidia:

NBMiner AMD/Nvidia:

T-Rex Miner Nvidia:

Gminer AMD/Nvidia:

Ethereum Pools List:

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Favorite GPU For Mining:

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*DISCLAIMER* When it involves GPU Mining, bear in mind Silicon Lottery! Results MAY differ from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage proven in my movies might not give you the results you want due to GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you ever. Temperatures and your Cooling strategies will even play the half and have an have an effect on. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I’m not an skilled. This just isn’t monetary recommendation and do your personal analysis. Everything stated is from my viewpoint and for leisure functions.

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Which Ethereum Mining Software Are YOU Using Right Now?

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  1. I was able to get an increase from 21.700 MH/s to 22.800 MH/s on phoenix miner using the -nvmem 2 I'm using a GTX 1080

  2. I have a rx 580 in 1 computer. I use lolminer and when i started out i was getting 8.40 mh did the whole comute now getting 26 mH anyway, I can get more MH

  3. Claymore miner must be fixed now because I have been mining with it for the past 4 weeks exactly now and have had no issues. I have an RX5600XT and 3060ti, neither is modded, but OC'd and pushing 100mh/s on average in my newly built gaming rig, which hasn't gamed since I built it cause I found mining and am having more fun mining and watching videos, especially Red Panda's and a few others.

  4. lolminer is stuck at 8 mh/s and not going above it my card is rx 580 and i have vbios moded and overclocked memory of gpu
    Please help asap

  5. I use Phoenix Miner as it's the only Miner program that shows me what?
    My Best Share Is!!
    This is something all Miners should be keeping track of as this tells you How close?You have come to solving a Block and by Keeping Track of It?I will know exactly when I should find a Block and use this To Know?When and If it would be to my advantage to Try and Switch to Solo Mining when The Math is too my advantage..
    If I haven't found a Block when I am 90+ percent there?I'll switch to Solo Mining and by using and Keeping Track of Best Share you can use Math to your advantage and get the Best of Both World's…..
    Of course no guarantee it will all work out?But even if it takes Longer?
    It's highly unlikely I'm gonna go too 190 percent until I find a Block or Longer using Math to my advantage instead of Solo Mining Blindly…..

  6. I just started mining with an overclocked GTX 1060 using lolminer, but that phoenixminer looks great, im going to try it for sure

  7. I have been messing with windows mining for… reasons. I have been trying out profit switching using awesomeminer, which can switch software and pools. I have just been mining with pheonix in awsomeminer and switching pools. seems nice so far

  8. I'm a total noob to mining and just started out with phoenixminer a few days ago. The learning curve isnt easy, but I think I understand some of it. I'm mining on my Strix 1080 ti OC. But I'm waiting on my RTX 3090. I'm gambling on mining to pay for the 3090 (I can afford it if my gamble flops, no worries).

  9. I can't seem to use Phoenix on a rtx3060ti the temps just climb and climb up to 80 degrees? Using T-Rex miner now and temps sit between 58-61 degrees Celcius with 1250 memory clock 121w draw (177w at the wall. 61.8mh/s stable

  10. Hey, thank for this video.
    I've just started mining yesterday, using CudoMiner and its a very easy to use software, however it doesn't connect directly to my wallet. I need to manually to a transaction from the CudoMiner to the wallet.
    I'm mining Ethereum using Phoenix miner, trough the Cudominer.
    Is there any other software that is as easy to use that I can connect directly to the wallet?
    Using PhoenixMiner looks very "advanced" for a beginner to setup 😀

  11. I am using the phoenix miner for eth mining and nanopool, bt it's not accepting my -pass command. whenever i try to change setting in nanopool it keeps saying incorrect pw

  12. RedPandaMining – I did the BIOS mod on all my 5700XT ( Thanks for the awesome Tutorial on that). For some reason, one of the GPU's will not find any shares when tuned with Wattman or MSI AB. Hashrate shows as normal but it returns an incorrect share every few minutes. When I set clocks/mem/core within PM 5.4c, everything works and the aforementioned settings are all different per GPU to keep stability / correct shares. (7) 5700 XT BIOS Modded/ W10/ ASUS B250 Mining Expert. Is it possible that I may need to Flash that GPU again with the modified BIOS? Thanks!

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