Whats Going To Occur On The BCH Halvening, Rumors About – Weekly News Show

Whats going to occur on the upcoming BCH Halvening, rumors about, Cash Fusion fundraising, cool companies, and lots of extra!


00:12 – Block Reward Halving Is Coming Soon

01:11 – Rumours about

02:02 – Cash Shuffle Audit

02:29 – is stay with BCH back-out

03:15 – Hot submit on r/BTC: Skype vs. Zoom (comparability to BTC)

06:16 – BCH rocks on

07:02 – Spreading BCH adoption

07:47 – New API launched to the BCH Register App

08:25 – Are you new to crypto?

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Whats Going To Occur On The BCH Halvening, Rumors About - Weekly News Show

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  1. few months after halving.. bch price is still low i dont get it now the crappy eth price is more per coin compared to bch soo what is going on the price per coin bch was on lead for so much time… but now its lower is it b.c the eth v2 expected update ? even if it is halving on bch did happend as a bch holder i think bch shold have more value in price from eth

  2. Do not lie yourselves, Monero is what Bitcoin meant to be. No crypto that lacks privacy should be treated seriously, even BTC.

  3. There are not many people who are trading specialists on Bitcoins but I choose to trade with Martin Williams because of his amazing trading strategy.

  4. I just double checked it from this morning… but now I didn’t see it anymore… felt almost lost all my coins😞

  5. I got problem with my BSV. My 4 coins of BSV from my wallet it was gone . Even I didn’t get any exchange or send to anyone either. Can you please have me to find it out. I’m using evercoin . Thanks

  6. BCH Halving went well no mass dumping so expect a nice bull rush!
    BCH has by far more potential than BTC, I have no doubt we could see sooner than expected a $1500 each

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  8. Thanks Roger I love BCH. Can you please explain how much roughly it cost to produce 1 BCH.

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  10. Hello!
    I would like to ask you to donate $ 5. Who with how much can. Thank you so much. This is my bitcoin address  18RJ7UvJuq7eZ1uaMpDQx3HuFXvwyudM7d .

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  13. Anyone who is a merchant and has a website, add a BCH wallet to your website. Easy to do, and a great way to get BCH without paying fees 😁

  14. Bitcoin 5000 (BVK) is a unique project and the best bitcoin fork created by honest work, without use ISO, this cryptocurrency is listed in Coinmarketcap and sold on two popular exchanges (Livecoin and Crex24)

  15. Bitcoin 5000 (BVK) is a unique project and the best bitcoin fork created by honest work, without use ISO, this cryptocurrency is listed in Coinmarketcap and sold on two popular exchanges (Livecoin and Crex24)

  16. Roger, if you would just port your businesses to Bitcoin (i.e. BSV) instead of this ridiculous fork of yours, get over your disagreements with CSW, then perhaps your idea of the future is not completely lost.It's not too late. But it does require you to sacrifice BCH on the altar of Bitcoin. Either that, or enjoy bankruptcy.

  17. Last night I used zoom to create a group chat with my friends and we all played Poker on this website with BCH. It's awesome.

  18. If BTC is an embarrassment? Then why is this channel called You should change it roger if you believe in your project… otherwise your going t continue to look like the huge scammer you and Craig Wright have already been proved to be? BCH is just as volatile and is not an ideal form of transaction… put your money where your mouth is and stop hiding behind the Bitcoin name!

  19. BCH will crash just right after the halving…..price will divide by 3x. ..80usd….every miners will switch to other coin. And BCH will have a tax like the government does….poor miners….so what the difference beween BCH and government….nothing they all tax people…. ahh ahh…

  20. What stops the miners swapping over to BSV or BTC for double the reward after the halving? Is there a gentlemen's agreement they will stay and keep the network strong or will there be attack to rewrite 100 blocks and reverse the halving back ?

  21. Yes, I'm interested in becoming economically independent, however I know that there needs to be structure behind the resources necessary to do so. I've got my own structure in place, I can't wait to give back to the community when the time comes. This culture has treated me well, I need to return the favor! Thank you ビットコイン, thank you Roger and thank you to the community. We're well on our way to censorship of the states monopoly of force, freedom will once again dominate the world and we will all have co-equal rights not destroyed by ethical positivism!

  22. Can you permalink info about the benefits of economic freedom over govt controlled economies. Im married to someone who is unconvinced. I read it and agree but dont recall well in a debate!

  23. i requested Jax from to delete my user and GDPR documents and they just disabled my account and now they don't even reply but i think i will report them to European Commission GDPR branch for scamming me to KYC for no reason and for not deleting my account… so watch out you might experience the same with them

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  25. Hello. It's embarrassing to ask, but hard times are forcing. It costs nothing to someone, but it will help me a lot.

  26. I'd love to know online stores that accept BCH (I know that some raspberry pi add on suppliers in the UK do) – Hard to use Destinia and other travel sites when most planes aren't flying

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