What Is The Right Price To Sell Bitcoin? | Bloomberg News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 information

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What Is The Right Price To Sell Bitcoin? | Bloomberg News

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  1. Here’s what I think will happen…I think BTC will fall 30-40% down to the $8Ks. I think there will be a huge retracement somewhere in the 3rd quarter that will create lots of FUD so I’m shorting the hell out of BTC. Why do I think this? Because I believe in historical trends. Yes crypto hasn’t mirrored the 2013-2016 cycle identically but it’s pretty damn close. What’s happening in 2019 is not a natural progression. It’s total manipulation even though is increased interest in crypto. But anyone who believes that a jump from $3K to nearly $14K in 6 months is a natural organic progression does not understand crypto. I think this year will end in gains but not as significant as it is right now and this fake momentum will die soon. Novogratz is spreading pure uncorroborated FOMO. This is why I can’t trust people like him. There’s something he knows that we don’t…market movers never tell. I’m disappointed in Cina Dean buying this hot garbage as something insightful and accurate when it’s just nonsense wrapped with a ribbon.

  2. Cina Dean is one of my favorite honest crypto analysts but how cringeworthy was this segment. And I’m disappointed in Cina for not seeing through Novogratz’ obvious bullshit. He’s a so called expert but notice how he keeps dodging Bloomberg’s questions. If you watch the full video, she asks the same question at (0:12) twice and he ignores it both times. I hate people that do this and I suspect the reason he does this is because he doesn’t want to guess and then he proven wrong. It hurts his credibility. But I would have more respect for him if he makes a reasonable guess…say $45K and ends up being totally off and then deflecting with bullshit responses like “I’m not selling the next time up at $14K.” ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION! And I absolutely hate that word “consolidate.” TELL ME WHAT DOES CONSOLIDATE MEAN. It’s just a bullshit word, he could just as well say “And I think we’re gonna poppey 💩.” This nigga says CONSOLIDATE twice in less than 45 seconds. Novogratz needs to expand his vocabulary. Consolidate my ass.

  3. I watched this on the Bloomsberg channel coincidentally this morning and now rewatching it on Cina Dean’s channel. I hate it this morning and I hate it again.

  4. Its refreshing to hear an honest view of a crypto rally rather than listening to the usual brigade talking nonsense, the secret behind crypto currency is to build a portfolio now that Btc is sitting around 11,000. Amazing tips from Jackson Ben was all it took to excel in the world of crypto. Finding Jackson in a video of which I even coincidentally stumbled upon, was a divine encounter and I owe him my sincere appreciation. After watching the video, it was an eye opener to bitcoin trading strategies, My earnings has increased drastically from 4Bitcoin to 17 Bitcoin in just 3 month..I have full confidence in his trading abilities.. Little wonder they call him the Blockchain Master(success at its peak). You all can reach out to him through his Hangout and Mail- [email protected] com and telegram:- +1-551-257-4137.. Good luck every one

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