What is NKN?

What is NKN? Who began the hype? Is this simply a type of pump and dump cash? How it bitcoin fund manager associated to this? is that this a rip-off?

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT monetary recommendation.

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  1. Just because bitcoin fund manager shilled the project for his own gains dosnt mean the project from a fundimental perspective is a bad project infact its a great project and has had regular releases you havent even covered the fact that NKN was originally a NEP-5 NEO coin and it changed to ER20 and Bittrex and Upbit are not shitty exchanges those have huge liquidity , NKN is a long term play and will see huge gains for anyone in it for the long run !

    Its been featured on Korean TV where crypto has the biggest market

    Plus the team are very dedicated with constant updates and they are well ahead of schedule with their roadmap so for me your assessment totally ignores the quality of this projects , the only thing i agree with you is the bitcoin fund manager he is a scammer for sure but i will say this is a bad review because you totally trashed a great project !

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