What Is Bitcoin? – Bitcoin Basics For Beginners In 2020

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What is Bitcoin? In this video we clarify the fundamentals of bitcoin for learners. Everything that you must know to study bitcoin in 2020. This video goes to be your #1 useful resource for all the data on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The first ever cryptocurrency was bitcoin. Bitcoin works on the peer to see bitcoin community, and each transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

In this video we go over the terminology within the cryptocurrency world.

Terms like:



Public/ Private key

Centrailzed/ Decentralized foreign money


Bitcoin Mining

Satoshi Nakamoto

This video is full of plenty of info so listed below are time stamps of each matter so you may select the one most useful to you.

00:38 Definition of Bitcoin

00:51 Cryptocurrency definition

01:18 Public key and Private Key

02:18 History of foreign money

04:00 Centrailzed and decentralized

05:47 Stay nameless

06:02 Starting a bitcoin account

07:06 Blockchain Explained

07:41 Bitcoin much like BitTorrent community

09:00 Bitcoin community

09:24 How was bitcoin began (satoshi nakamoto)

(white web page – )

10:18 Sending and receiving bitcoin

11:03 Bitcoin Network in depth

11:30 Mining and blockchain

13:27 Bitcoin value for the reason that starting

15:17 Bitcoin predictions for the longer term

15:57 Recap of the video (abstract)

18:54 Conclusion

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What Is Bitcoin? - Bitcoin Basics For Beginners In 2020

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  4. When you sign up for bitcoin can't they track the sign-up by IP address, and therefore have a way to trace the private/public key back to the owner? if so, what would you recommend as the best way to sign up for bitcoin to guarantee anonymity of who owns the public key?

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