What Is Bitcoin? – Bitcoin 101

In this introductory episode, youll uncover precisely what Bitcoin is, and the way right this moments two hottest variations of Bitcoin differ from each other.

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? What is Bitcoin?

Watch our Bitcoin 101 Educational Video Series and discover the numerous the explanation why you need to begin utilizing Bitcoin right this moment.

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What Is Bitcoin? - Bitcoin 101

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  3. Please, I really need help.

    for example, if the current rate of 1 bitcoin is worth $9,000 and I want to sell mine at the rate of $10,000 then someone wants to buy maybe like $100 how do I know the numeric number bitcoins that will worth $100 to send to the buyer, is there any app or site to make the calculation? someone should please help me this has been bordering me for long.

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  8. Sir please help explain, my friend on twitter say BCH is not 'bitcoin' but 'b-cash'. What is the difference between bcash and bitcoin cash? Very confuse I should buy original bitcoin yes?

  9. Hey i'm a beginner and I understand the market crash is the perfect time to make money, but how are some investors able to double their profit within a short period of time, a particular investor made up to $350,000 from trading about $100,000 within a couple MONTHS, do they stand a better chance than others?

  10. A few individuals in this thread trying to sound like experts but they are not hehe. I guarantee they dont even have 1 Bitcoin which is worth 14,962.68 at the time i am writing. You can sense their dribble. All you newbies beware of scammers.

  11. I like Roger but this video is deceptive by trying to make people believe that BTC forked off BCH, it's BCH that forked off BTC. If in doubt, research who had the most hashrate and nodes post fork.

  12. real Bitcoin is BTC. BCash is fake "Bitcoin". Transactions comissions are necessary for PoW-cryptocurrency, without them blockchain will not be secure after inflation halves to about zero.

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