What Happened To These Projects? | DASH, NEO, & ETC Explained

Today we proceed our sequence the place we have a look at each coin within the high 100. Today we’re tackling cash 16-20 together with Huobi Token, LEO, Ethereum Classic, DASH, & NEO. Learn extra at https://BitBoyCrypto.com

Huobi Token is an ecosystem token launched by Huobi Global, providing advantages resembling buying and selling charges and margin reductions and entry to sure buying and selling occasions. Staking Huobi Wallet. to forestall coin depreciation from inflation. Huobi Wallet presents a secure and protected coin-based return to buyers.

LEOcoin is a longtime digital forex that enables people to make quick and safe transactions by way of a decentralized peer-to-peer community. It’s digital money and it really works with out the necessity for a financial institution or switch charges.

Ethereum Classic is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that includes good contract scripting performance. The basic ether token is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges beneath the ticker image ETC. Ethereum Classic ETC is the unique Ethereum blockchain and permits for the implementation of decentralized functions and good contracts.

Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency. It is an altcoin that was forked from the Bitcoin protocol. It can also be a decentralized autonomous group run by a subset of its customers, that are referred to as grasp nodes. The forex permits transactions that may be untraceable.

Dash coin is a privateness coin centered on providing safe, quick transactions, with customers having the choice of creating them 100% nameless versus pseudo-anonymous like Bitcoin. Dash coin was based in 2014 by Evan Duffield, who believed privateness was an ignored downside with Bitcoin.

NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, which is designed to digitize property utilizing good contracts, aiming to convey blockchain to the plenty. It helps widespread programming languages like Javascript and C++, with enhancements to its know-how, making it much less weak to hackers than Ethereum.

Ethereum Classic ETC is an Ethereum arduous fork created to protect the unique Ethereum coding after The Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The DAO, an Ethereum-based undertaking was hacked. It brought on a lack of over 6.2 million Ether and crippling decentralized utility improvement.

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What Happened To These Projects? | DASH, NEO, & ETC Explained

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  1. NEO is honestly far better than both bitcoin and Ethereum combined. It has 100 million coins total which is the same as bitcoin to give it upward pressure .. it has 10,000 tps speed which is better than Ethereum by a long shot. It has smart contract and defi , NFT capacity just like ethereum however is far better as can use the current language that any developer is currently using which is far better than. Ethereum has its own language as you only have 1 choice with Ethereum so a developer has to drop the code that they understand and learn a new code but you don’t have to do that with NEO as it is a developers dream and they can stick with the language that they already know such as Java etc. It’s market cap is under 4 billion and fees are far lower than Ethereum and you will also be paid in gas for free just by owning NEO which is free money for nothing 🙂

  2. I'd really like to see a resurgence of NEO. When it comes to tooling and developer experience for building smart contracts, NEO spanks Ethereum. With Devadoss' rich history with Microsoft/Azure, I'm betting that adoption from Azure utilizing NEO will push it back up to its potential. But we gotta wait past the innovator curve at least into the early adopters. Most development orgs are still manually deploying their web apps, it's going to take some time for smart contracts to become a defacto way to develop. Most people think blockchain is just about cryptocurrency and lambos. It's about the decentralization of providing value which creates a fair, efficient and secure marketplace. I think NEO will pick up steam in this bull run and hopefully that will inspire developers to adopt smart contracts where they make sense, especially with IoT

  3. Great in a nutshell informative video BB. Appreciate it. I'm invested in none of the coins but i am very interested in knowing where Dash is heading.

  4. Bitcoin (BTC) has just rallied past $9,000 after a major stock market rally that had a lot to do with renewed confidence after Joe Biden’s victory on Super Tuesday. Wall Street was optimistic as Joe Biden’s new status as a potential front runner means no threat to the status quo and so the business could go on as usual. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) rallied with the rest of the market and ended up testing key resistance at $9,156. So far it has failed to break past it and the most probable scenario is that it won’t succeed in doing that at this point. We are more likely to see BTC/USD decline lower within the broadening wedge in the near future. Morgan Norman has been helping me with trading by providing daily signals and I have been making a profit, making at least 4 BTC increase in my portfolio every month for the last 4 months now. I encourage others to find a competent trader like Mr. Norman and copy trades for maximum profitability especially now when there is lots of despair in the space. He can be reached via Telegram (NORMANTRADE) for his assistance on all crypto related issues.

  5. Dash hasn't slowed down and has been innovating. Lots of exchanges including Coinbase see Dash as more secure than Bitcoin, due to innovations such as Chainlocks. Dash also has a treasury that renews every month. Development and Marketing are paid for. Bitcoin relys on volunteers or private companies to fund development which leads to conflict of interest. At this Dash price there is a half a million dollars a month to be directed at the ecosystem. Lots of coins are trying to solve the funding issue, something Dash figured out years ago.

  6. NEO will raise q2 with NEO 3.0
    John deVadoss from microsofts azure wants to create the best platform for developers.
    Test Net is running. Guys be prepared.
    Only cause you dont find hyped informations it doesnt mean its dead. Look a little bit deeper and inform😉
    Its also the first and only Microsoft NET foundation. John sits in Seattle door on door with microsoft and they are during whole 2019 working together for NEO.

  7. Dismiss NEO at your own risk. Project has been building solid over the last two years. It’s time will come. It’s a potential 1000$ coin. Always has been. NEO 3.0 incoming. Currently underrated.

  8. Bitcoin has more or less been flagging for the past few days but despite the digital asset falling from $10,300 to its most recent low, analysis from several prominent traders indicates $17,000 in the next few months with signals to keep accumulating bitcoins now that it is still affordable and within the our still purchasing power. It should be noted that DCA may be a strategy to hold btc, my strategy though has been trading and I have seen exponential growth using Richard Baker’s trading strategy backed by his most accurate trade signals and within 1 month, I had made over 6 btc having started with just 2 btc. This is one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so appreciative of his service and he can be reached on WhatsAap (+44 7482862366) or Telrgram (richardtrading) for inquiries about his trading service

  9. I invested in darkcoin now called dash back in 2014, the rest you mentioned are all shatcoins. Dash might have a place in privacy coins like Monero and Zcash.

  10. I'm in Asia, once China open up, coins like NEO, Ontology, DeepBrain Chain, Band Protocol, Matrix AI Network, Cybermiles, QLink and other Chinese Coins will explode. Therefore, don't sleep on Chinese coins, get them while they are cheap.

  11. BITBOY, Please kindly consider a story on the future uprising of DCR Decred. Please like and pin to top if you agree DCR deserves more recognition. Thank you

  12. Well done BitBoy – I think that was a very fair summary of these 5 coins. The only one of them that I have ever held is DASH – in fact at the beginning of 2019 DASH was my second largest hodl after BTC – but now I own no DASH at all because although I still believe it to be one of the most secure and technically attractive coins that pioneered a good working governance and treasury system the price performance has steadily declined. Of these 5 projects DASH is the only one I still keep my eye on – it does what it says on the tin and I don't think it will go away because of its adoption in countries with hyperinflation. So in my opinion DASH is undervalued, but I sadly have no confidence in it making a comeback price-wise in the near future.

  13. U dont know what etc does seriously? Ethereum is a copy of etc, all contracts that run on eth would work on etc, they basically have the same codes, theres rumors that ethereum and ethereum classic would emerge into 2.0, theres a etc halving or block reduction on march 5, eth staking is on the way, people are predicting since most eth coins are going to be lock, etc would moon since is the original ethereum, xrp and ethereum partnership would end up been xrp and etc

  14. How I look at Dash, it is "the zombie coin", it just keeps coming back then dies, etc. when Dash and ETC miraculously jumped to around 10 – 11 on CMC that set off a lot of red flags for me. Sold my neo a long time ago but never had much, Tezos and Tron have destroyed it's utility, you stake and you get the exact coin back that you staked ! Kyber Network (KNC) you stake and get ETH back… ain't nothing wrong with that either. I don't don't want to stake to get some crappy side coin. If Tron didn't have BTT they would be all the better for it, no reason for a coin with that cap to make other baby turd coins with a higher coin supply than tron.Trx might be 3 spots higher in CMC if they hadn't made BTT. XRP will moon, but they need to hire Amanda B. Johnson from Dash or Naomi Brockwell to be their spokespeople because although I like David Schwartz because he is going to make me a ton of money you want to bring people to the space, you need good bait. Amanda can only do so much for Dash, it is time to drop that zero and get with a hero !

  15. Once a coin gets too hyped, it peaks and the enthusiasm is gone. I remember when Neo was Antshare and nobody talked about it and building slowly before the hype. The next generation of coins that are building before hype and 🐂that will give massive ROI and thank me later: Vet-Vthor-Dent-Pundix-Apollo-Sha-Plair-Icx-Unibright-Aave(Lend) wink and Red pulse (PHX)

  16. Great vid BB. I actually learned allot as I dont own any. I love Dash but not enough to buy 1K to get a masrernode which is the only reason I would prob own it 🤷‍♂️

  17. I thought Dash had a great foundation until I worked for the DAO. It proved to be very difficult to get things done within the community over the past few years. Despite the claims, power is centralized in the hands of a small group of Masternode owners who control the lions' share of the nodes, and the voting rights that go along with them – which dictate how treasury funds will be spent. Also, if the tech is so great, why the need to move to a staking/POS-type platform? Did anyone else see Ryan Taylor's press release? I can't be the only one who thought he was basically asking the community what to do to bring the project back to life…Dash introduced me to crypto, I love what it stands for but I am left frustrated, confused, and unsure for its future. There are some great people involved and I wish them the best of luck…it will be an uphill battle to be sure. There are many great projects out there and each goes through their own highs and lows. DYOR before jumping into any of them!

  18. I think Neo and ETC are scam . Do you think Link is also scam . Could you please make a report about it. Thanks alot

  19. Thank you so much . Thats true about Dash /Neu . Iam waiting you to make report about chinLink/ Link . Will be so great

  20. NEO, ONTOLOGY – CHINESE HUSSLE – THEY ARE DEAD PROJECTS – With new innovative projects coming all the time they are old dead projects – no development, no githubs – even the founders are no longer proceeding with the projects – will never return to all time highs or remotely close

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