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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Amazon is at all-time highs and Bitcoin is on the verge of a breakout. I’ll use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra!

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  1. For over five years, cryptocurrency has been my most favourite digital investment and mostly when it comes to trading BITCOIN … No doubt, bitcoin market is set to experience what is called short-term correction and its a very good buy zone right now and no matter the market situation we find ourselves, have been able to understand that there are two sides in crypto market trends by traders, As much as a lot of people are wishing for bitcoin to skyrock to all time high from this present price, there are still people out there waiting for bitcoin to decline bellow $7k so they can buy cheap, i don't see these necessary because i have been able to understand the market and different opinions by so many traders due to research, instead i made more research about day trading and a working strategy/signals. Luckily, i got to know of Jenson Ryan who is a Pro Trader and Signal Provider, with his accurate daily signals and guide i was able to accumulate and grow my initial 0.9btc to 6.8btc within 5 weeks of active trading, this you would agree is a very good profits. However, why wait and keep panicking about bitcoin price when you can grow a very strong portfolio with Jenson's daily signals, Jenson Ryan can be reach on Whatspp: +447380348377 and Telgram @jenson_signal for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. Dear Carl the FED is private not federal which is in the name and belongs only few families.. That means more and more US citizens become possessless.. the end of the story is one day all US Citizens and the rest of the world Citizens become slaves..

  3. Having bitcoins trade is realy the best thing to do now . I began my trades with an expert trader few weeks ago with $500 and i get a weekly payout of $1800 weekly .

  4. What you expect to rise instead of FANG? Online academies or universities attendance? Average people remain in their comfort zone no matter what happens, they prefer to complain on social media, buy online goods because they should stay at home and Neflix & chill because books may be infected 🙂

  5. Just to clarify the volume.
    If i have 1 BTC and sold it and bought it 1 million time it will effect the volume within that time frame 1 million time.

  6. The free market (golden era of capitalism) is over. Nobody can compete anymore. If you have money you can make money. Is this the result of central banks? Maybe. I believe the logic of capitalism will always have resulted in the situation we have now. Communism has the associations of being highly authoratitve such as China, but china is actually just capitalism without democracy. We need actual socialism/ communism. Its the only way.

  7. Hey The Moon why don't you talk more about the velocity of money and the demand for the dollar that kept bitcoin down at the start of this pandemic? Just because there's more supply of cash out there doesn't mean it'll lead to inflation. It's only part of the big formula known as velocity of money. If people aren't spending then inflation is offset right?

  8. Don't forget that the FED is not government. It's actually worse because they loan money printed to the government at interest.

  9. The government can 51 percent attack the bitcoin network for 500 thousands a hour easy… They could destroy it if they really want

  10. Wow… this was a fluff video. Basically, it appears, in my opinion, that the Moon watched other analysts' videos and then presented that analysis as his own. Good work Moon.

  11. Moon I would like to see you put real money on the line going by your stock market analysis of a decline that will resume later. it doesn't do any good to just say hey I think the market is going lower, if you were using big money and deciding to stay in or sell now then that would be a challenge, regardless you cant just be getting in and out of the markets because some pattern spooks you. You could turn out right but if your not right and it is with real money then the account going on your advice would loose out on a lot of upside. Better to just buy tvix on a sell signal that way if it does go down your hedged.

  12. Those stocks happen to be integral to the new reality, implementation towards web 3.0 accelerated due to this global event makes perfect sense. Like GM during WWII a profit center/sector due to the war effort, so will the FAANG index profit and other sectors will feel the pain of the new reality being in the wrong place/sector at the wrong time.

  13. If the Government doesn't print money to get us out of the mess then what is your solution? It seem EVERY Government is doing the same…Are you saying you know better? No point complaining about something unless you have a better solution.Anyway good luck everyone 🙂

  14. Hey Carl! You yourself have often said that the dollar should crumble in value because of all the new dollars being printed. So the fact that NFLX and AMZN have been soaring should be of no surprise, because these two businesses are thiriving in the Corona virus world. People would rather own part of a company than keep everything in the dollar, the value of which is also speculative.

  15. Bro if someone bought 1 bitcoin and ethereums equivalent to that bitcoin, if the price of bitcoin increased twice, would the same thing happen to ethereums as well??

  16. Really good video as always but do you really think that Bitcoin would increase so much in value at a high volume buy that if FED used 1 trillion of their printed dollars to buy BTC it wouldnt get them 5%? That would mean that BTC would do a 10x i value because of 5% transaction of BTC which sounds unlikely? I would guess they could at least get 10-20% for 1T and if they use 4T they would get a lot more.

  17. Except bitcoin should rise to $8k to continue the rally, prices may fall back to previous resistance-turned support of $7.1k but no cause for alarm guys, there is a lot of gains to be made in the incoming parabolic move as long as we take the initiative to accumulate a fair lot size and doing so is not that easy despite the current slow accent. This can be done the traditional strategy of Dollar Cost Averaging or by the approach I find most interesting and rewarding (trading) under professional guidance. Benjamin Jackson TeIegram @ BenjaminJackson has not only been a mentor but also his top notch analysis of the crypto market makes him deliver extremely accurate signals to me which has in less than a month grown my 3 btc to 9 btc which I strictly held before by over 400%. you can reach via TeIegram @ BenjaminJackson This is raw talent and for anyone who wants something that actually works, here is one that shouldn’t be missed.

  18. Carl I know you need to monetize your video but that video report guy that pops up with the glasses damn it's the most annoying commercial I never watch it I always skip can you get rid of that advertiser please!!!

  19. OFC AMAZON will raise during this time! People get "free" money they buy online. Even poeple who dont recive money from monopoly land they buy online now and where better than amazon? Netflix? people at home look at movies and tv shows to kill time…

  20. The fed is the federal reserve. It’s is not the government. It is a privately owned corporation. So the US is officially being hijacked. And everyone is like. Yay I got a free $1200. Wake up people.

  21. hej Carl! did you hear, that Swedish government is planning to register the Swedish people in a 'Corona database' stored by no other than Amazon!!!! how do you like that?? Well I am not giving any personal info, to be stored 'safely' in the US. This is insane….

  22. You are greatly underestimating the power of the US Central bank. 5% ownership of BTC is a slam-dunk for the FED. It is only about $7 billion. They just printed $2 Trillion, and then another $4 Trillion as you have said many times.

    The US holds $344 Billion in gold reserves. Why do you think $7 Billion is impossible? Bezos could do that in his sleep, and you are questioning the power of the CB??

  23. Sorry but I see logic that the s&p is rising thanks to Amazon Netflix Microsoft which are offering people a way to spend the day. I think we all are using or purchasing at least one of their product each day. The problem will come when people run out of money to use the products. I guess we are going to see after the halving if the BTC is still correlated to the s&p which will probably fall.

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