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WHAAAAAAT??? (Live Chat) ? #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

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  1. I know some people will be regretting why they sold their coins months back. LOL.
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    As at this time of writing this comment, I have been able to make lots of profits using Paul's strategy. I'm forever grateful to him and most especially to God for not allowing me to listen to the doubtful thoughts I was having when I contacted Paul Bradely at the beginning.
    My suggestion, especially to newbies and intermediates is to find someone like him and follow him religiously. His contacts are * * (paulbradely1 @ Gmail. com) WhatsApp***+447480724121.

  2. Just some info Apollo currency Dex went live and full implement of sharding should come online in a couple weeks once they hit block generation 2.250.000, a privacy or public coin with a Dex, and the first ever to bring sharding is a huge deal.

  3. hi Micheal ,i live in london uk, ive just got a letter from the police asking about my crypto exchange dealings, apparently they are investigating crypto exchanges doing illegal uk banking practices., im wondering how the hell did they find out i transferred money to coinbase, must of been my bank, have you or anyone u know got thjs letter. cheers

  4. Suppoman! You're the true champion in this cryptospace my friend.. don't let any newtubers bug you out for their rubbish views and community. PS – KEEP THE SINGING INTROS! Starts the vid off with a laugh everytime

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