Waves Lets Users Bet On Spread Of COVID-19 For Charity

Waves has launched a ghastly marketing campaign to purportedly increase cash for COVID-19 aid. The platform has created a tokenized parimutuel sporting pool the place customers can speculate on whether or not the worldwide variety of confirmed coronavirus instances has up or fallen inside a given week.

On April 3, Waves introduced the ‘charity marketing campaign,’ on the face of it in assist of “organizations and finances in need of business aid in fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

Waves launches tokenized COVID-19 prediction market

Waves.Exchange customers can now buy ‘COVID-DWN’ or ‘COVID-UP’ tokens to take a position on whether or not the variety of globally confirmed coronavirus instances will increase or decreases inside a seven day interval.

Tokens are bought in trade for the stablecoin, Neutrino Dollar (USDN). All USDN accustomed buy the tokens are then fast in escrow earlier than finally being dispensed to holders of the no-hit token on the finish of every week.

The charitable element to the parimutuel pool is that “winners will be granted valuable prizes or can share their profits for charity purposes,” and “all additive yield of the campaign will be given to non-profit organizations.”

Data on the variety of confirmed COVID-19 instances power be supplied by means of oracles from the Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE – which receives from the World Health Organization (WHO) in real-time.

Crypto builders leverage coronavirus as a advertising and marketing software

While the crypto group has quickly created a overplus of partaking and significant initiatives in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a handful of actors have wanted to invoke COVID-19 for advertising and marketing functions.

On March 23, HashCash Consultants introduced its future ‘Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency’ – a token backed by nothing which purports to reflect the efficiency of an inverse S&P 500 exchange-traded fund (ETF).

During February, builders from 4Chan launched ‘CoronaCoin’ – an ERC-20 token with a provide akin to the world’s inhabitants that may endure a burn each 48 hours in line with the variety of COVID-19 fatalities.

Waves Lets Users Bet On Spread Of COVID-19 For Charity

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