Warren Buffett CHANGES His Tune On BITCOIN! BSV & BCH Halving In Apr = Price EXPLOSION! XRP & Bitso!

?BREAKING: Justin Sun of Tron bought his dinner with Warren Buffet and the issues that Buffet mentioned had been fairly SHOCKING. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision BSV and Bitcoin Cash BCH due for their very own halving in April of 2020 about 1 month earlier than Bitcoin BTC has it is personal…WILL THIS LEAD TO A MAJOR PRICE BLOWOUT? Plus, XRP ramping as much as 20% of ALL remittance to Mexico!!


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Warren Buffett CHANGES His Tune On BITCOIN! BSV & BCH Halving In Apr = Price EXPLOSION! XRP & Bitso!

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  1. Thanks DAN, always appreciate your hard work. Just a suggestion for scam of the day, invert the dates so the one's that are still active are on top, again just a suggestion. Thanks.

  2. New scam is elon musk pool dropping free crypto, is scammers using one of elon musk conferences promoting free crypto after u send crypto to their wallets

  3. South African here, that dictatorship comment hit home, no pun intended. Government looking to pass laws that allow expropriation without compensation, meaning they can take all your shit without remuneration and without legal consequence and so crypto currency is literally saving my ass finance wise, with a junk status economy, weakening currency etc. Love ya Dan.

  4. Can you give some examples of which companies are using blockchain in the right way and through this provide a better service and save money?

  5. One thing I noticed over the years is that experts are always wrong. Why people pay any attention to the same names over and over I have no idea. Every single time they are wrong but they never disappear from news. It's a mystery.

  6. Warren Buffett didn’t see the value in Facebook or social networking or other tech opportunities of a lifetime. No shocker here

  7. Warren Buffett not believe in Bitcoin but he bought in a Ponzi scheme called "DC Solar" . He's so great at investing he not own any share of Google or Amazon when they were cheap , also most of his investment are in the banks which is "bum investments" . His company berkshire hathaway stock annual return is about 10% which is like 1 week gain in cryptos .

  8. I wonder how many people who are making comments are millionaires or billionaires off of crypto I have xrp but never bitcoin

  9. Warren is a genius still. Basic investing and holding. The guy waits on market crashes so idk what hes on about. You have been warned. Bcash and basv are being pumped and then will flow back into btc. U can still make incredible gains but set tight stop losses and take ur profits. Btc im letting ride for now but yes it prob will sell off back to 10k

  10. I love how Buffet says that companies aren't using blockchain correctly. The guys a successful investor… Now he's a block chain expert? Hahaha. Give me a break. Stay in your lane Warren.

  11. If you study TA for long enough you can easily tell when Cryptocurrency / stocks are over bought and oversold – Trading is not for beginners but it is not a gamble either ! I made about 5 trades this week which added up to about $3000 for me , pretty good ! If your new to the cryptosphere i don't recommend trading though… It is extremely difficult and takes a ton of time and planning. I also trade full time for a living which makes it possible , if you have a full time job then I don't recommend trading, just hodl ! Anyways great video brother – Nice to see btc over 10k ay !

  12. Warren buffet is not that smart period….. He lucky smart…. The idiot supported a woman socialist Hillary Clinton…. Who would bring America venzula econmics. Thus Warren buffet is not that smart Period….

  13. I like Buffet but he may not totally understand what for a concrete value some cryptos have by providing solutions for financial problems. What I agree is that bitcoin isn't providing much real use value cause to many problems exist. So BVT is the far better solution in future cause even BCH is to limited cause the small possible blocksize of 8mb in comparsion to 128 mb for BVT. Three other problems solved are international bank friendly payments, DAPPS plus SmartContracts and Communication and payments in the internet of things.

  14. DA. I agree with you, I use TA for the analysis of a business but not for XRP. I struggle to see how TA can be used as it measures sentiment, but we are XRP watchers and are waiting for major events & a go live. TA won't predict that.

  15. Hey thanks for the great content! I appreciate everything you do for the crypto community 👍🏼 So honest question… I'm not trying to debate your views on xrp, because I completely agree with you that it solves a major problem with cross border payments. You talk frequently about how you have to send money to other countries for your online business, and how it takes forever. I was wondering if you're personally using xrp as a solution right now for sending money? Are there any manufacturing companies that currently accept xrp as payment?

  16. If Warren Buffett took a look at vechain, who is partnered with BYD which Buffett owns about 10% of, he may change his mind.

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