Multiple indicators are pointing in direction of an overbought Bitcoin worth proper now. In 2019 and 2019 the worth of Bitcoin corrected a number of occasions within the vary between 30% and 40%. This time round I do not anticipate such large pullbacks however even a 20% correction at these ranges may very well be fairly extreme for some new Bitcoin buyers.

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00:37 Overbought Bitcoin Indicators

03:27 Bitcoin in 2020 vs. 2019

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  1. You're wrong. You're merely parroting what the massive hodlers are pushing – this is a bull trap and a test for weak hands.

  2. if you're in Bitcoin, your smart. if you are a trader vs. a hodler – you're risking having big regrets if you sell too soon and the price runs away from you.

  3. I’m very so glad I came across maskoffweb,com website they helped me with hack transfer of 9btc through the BTC ATM to pay off my debt thanks so much

  4. I bought in at $18,000. I have other investments and a decent amount of cash in the bank. I get that there is a correction coming but is bitcoin still on the trajectory to go up far higher than now in the coming months or 2021? Does your warning apply to someone who won’t mind waiting out a correction? Or do you see an extended bear market coming?

  5. You obviously don't realize the power of 300+ million Paypal users being offered this market now. You can throw away your technical charts from 2016/2017 as this is a completely different market/reality.

    Trillions of dollars worth of currency printing/debasement these days, less so 3-4 years ago/Global Reset/etc.

    I'm now in this market because (Paypal) it's less of a pain in the arse with wallets/etc. Great speculation play easily into next year at least. You won't see a correction of 20%+ no time soon.

  6. Every warning videos influencers made was the bottom of the dip. Lmfao i have been getting rekt listening to these Warning vids. Just be a perma bull till 100K+

  7. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  8. Bitcoin will go higher than expected and the best thing to do is to invest what we hold. As for me an expert trader helps me trade and my crypto has been on a steady increase.

  9. Bru you've been saying bitcoin is going down since forever. Stop trying to be smart and sending farts out your mouth.

  10. Every day there is news of a C.E.O. of an organisation buying in, a financial institution, movie star or sportsman millionaire buying in. A correction can only come if people sell. At the moment I can not see that happening. I do not think there will any correction for a while. Forget charts, consider what is going on & remember there are only 900 new Bitcoins mined in a day.

  11. I think your being a bit harsh 7:45 . I agree that people shouldn't ask you what and how to invest but just because someone is new does not mean they will lose money. also bitcoin is not like fucking poker, leverage trading on the other hand is. yes tell people they are going to lose money on bitcoin if they don't know what they are doing and then advertise and make money off of actual gambling sites that people lose entire savings on. here's my investment advice on bitcoin because every youtuber tippy toes around it, buy it, buy as much as you are able to and hold onto it like a life vest in a plummeting fucking 747.

  12. Do think Bitcoin will go back down to $7000 when it’s corrects itself. Was thinking of selling Bitcoin while it is this high then buying again when it’s low. No spammers please

  13. For many of us, there is nothing more important than finding out how we are going to earn more money and then sit on it.

    Are you sure making the right investment is your best chance to growing wealth. Let's get to know about other Investment because most of us are afraid of lost into bitcoin why not try mutual funds and stock exchange Investment or contract Investment than wasting much of our time in Bitcoin I'm not trying to say is bad but why doing something that you know very well you are not sure chat me for more info 🙏

  14. Recently I got into the stock financial niche, and I’ve taken a deep dive into investing, particularly dividend growth investment as it interests me. Tried several methods trying to figure out the best approach to building my portfolio. So far, I’m making progress with the help of my financial advisor. Back to the video, wonderful job there, always look forward to your next content..

  15. Yes, very likely to dump hard soon. Best to be safe then be sorry….. it's too late to buy bitcoin but if it dips over 30% then it's a good time to buy. Sunny is correct to sound the warning.

  16. I believe, since the market is much bigger (more or less 3 times the size of previous, and so on) that the current structure on the right you painted pictures the content of the red rectangle on the left. Well…. more or less.
    Why? Because it seems manipulated and all the recent money made with BTC would be still more as sufficient to push or drop the price.
    I mean look at the charts: The price curve is repeating itself in 4 years cycles. Thats not normal for a "stock price"
    (my opinion)
    But respect for the things you say at the end of the video: didnt expect that from a youtuber! Thumbs up.

  17. Truth is, this market and all other markets are moved by big whales and what they do is similar to a cartel. Once they connect with each other and decide that a certain commodity will be pumped, they do it at the expense of the little guy who asks a youtuber if he should invest all of his money into BitCoin…Truth is that people should ask themselves if they know personally any of those whales and if they don't, then they are just gambling…You never know when they meet and decide, ok we have enough idiots at the crypto train, press the sell button….

  18. Here is my expert advice, even though I don't know you. Sell your house and car., And then buy Bitcoin Ethereum . Don't take a loan So you can sleep well at night.

  19. When you sell at 15000 and it goes to 18000????? You think it would correct, but I don't think so. The Energizer B keeps on going. Oh well…Some of you will get Rekt for shorting. Game Over for you!!! Margin Call!!!

  20. Can you please do a upto date review of Reddcoin? I know it is a great time to buy right now as the price is so low, However even better they are just about to launch Redd-ID so this should bring the price right up. Would be great to hear your thoughts great video by the way. Thanks

  21. I bought bitcoin at 8.5k and now I am selling it at double the price. I am good with that. 🙂 100% profit in 1 year.

  22. If we can work off the overbought condition by consolidating at these levels, that would be super bullish. No selloff required imo.

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