Volatility Value Ranges For 2021: $80Okay Bitcoin And $3K Ethereum? | Interview With Frank Holmes

Gold bug cash supervisor Frank Holmes of US Global Investors lays out his volatility ranges for Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021. He additionally explains how he believes Bitcoin’s worth may evolve if its value reaches $300Okay-$400Okay.

0:00 Intro

0:36 What’s your perspective on Bitcoin’s newest rally to $40,000?

2:06 Why is Bitcoin and Ethereum’s volatility much like Tesla’s?

3:53 Can Ethereum outpace Bitcoin within the subsequent 3-Four years?

5:29 Can the Ethereum market differentiate itself from the Bitcoin market?

6:52 What will Bitcoin’s use case be after the subsequent 3-Four years?

8:57 Bitcoin is a chunk of artwork with a restricted provide!

9:59 What highs do you count on Bitcoin to succeed in?

11:44 Is institutional cash the primary driver behind cryptocurrency value motion?

13:29 How does your philosophy of taking a look at authorities coverage adjustments apply to Bitcoin?

16:01 What authorities coverage selections concerning Bitcoin are you watching out for?

18:29 What’s your volatility vary for Bitcoin over the subsequent 12 months?

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Volatility Value Ranges For 2021: $80Okay Bitcoin And $3K Ethereum? | Interview With Frank Holmes

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  1. 0:36 What's your perspective on Bitcoin's latest rally to $40,000?

    2:06 Why is Bitcoin and Ethereum's volatility similar to Tesla's?

    3:53 Can Ethereum outpace Bitcoin in the next 3-4 years?

    5:29 Can the Ethereum market differentiate itself from the Bitcoin market?

    6:52 What will Bitcoin's use case be after the next 3-4 years?

    8:57 Bitcoin is a piece of art with a limited supply!

    9:59 What highs do you expect Bitcoin to reach?

    11:44 Is institutional money the main driver behind cryptocurrency price action?

    13:29 How does your philosophy of looking at government policy changes apply to Bitcoin?

    16:01 What government policy decisions regarding Bitcoin are you watching out for?

    18:29 What's your volatility range for Bitcoin over the next 12 months?


  3. The only thing clear from this interview is that commentators on bitcoin are having to reach further and further for justification, as there's none within easy reach, like for stocks, bonds, or commodities. So you are forced to basically make $hit up, comparing it to Andy Warhol's alleged "art" (debatable).

    But even there the analogy DOESN'T QUITE WORK. You can at least visit an Andy Warhol museum (in Pittsburgh), browse the galleries and LOOK at stuff hanging on walls. With bitcoin, there's nothing even to look at. What are you gonna admire strings of 1's and 0's? Zero value all around. And yet…a bitcoin is currently selling for about 20 oz. worth of gold. Makes total sense. Just like the Dutch tulips.

    Here's an analysis of bitcoin and all crypto: it's a scam. Just like "modern art", and Andy Warhol. Why not just say so? "We are scammers and speculators, it's all a meaningless useless BS game to cheat each other out of money." Would make a lot more sense than an art analogy. Sidenote: interesting choices in TV programming…

  4. Like that he’s got trash TV playing in the back ground. Slinging gold and watching Maurey all at the same time lol!!

  5. Every form of meddling is destructive. People did not like it so they came with bitcoin. If people meddle with bitcoin we will come up with something else. So better embrace it. People like their freedom.

  6. Talking about prospective DeFi's project, i remember velas bitorbit. Have you heard that? It's a decentralized social network which run on velas blockchain to allow users to chat and send crypto simultaneously. A major enhancement of the ordinary tg!

  7. Schiff man… Literally the same could be said about the dollar. It annoys me that a man with such a small mind as such large amounts of money.

  8. BITCOIN IS 24/7 TRADING. SKY IS THE LIMIT. IMO.⛱️🏝️🎇🏞️🏞️🎉🎉🌅🌅🗻🗻🏜️🏜️🏜️🎁🎁🌄🌄🌄.

  9. Saying BTC can fall to 20K is like saying – I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT….GO STUDY STOCK TO FLOW!

  10. It will hit 400k$, but not because it will be seen as art… it will hit 400k$ because it is the most free and honest money in the world, and a better store of value than gold.

  11. Wish Frank would turn off the TV behind him. Some trashy shit playing in the background. Thankfully the sound is down, har, har.

  12. The turnout was good. I made about $22000 with an investment capital of $3100. I also traded with him last week I got my cool $28000. I just wish there were more account managers like him

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  15. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

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  17. I owe traderxtracom my life, after falling victims to scammers, I decided to take one more risk and traderxtracom on !!G came through thanks you sir

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  19. What this guy knows about bitcoin wouldn’t fill a thimble. There were twice as many (total dollars) transactions globally than on PayPal.

  20. Bitcoin is gradually rising again and that's why trading with an Expert is always the best ,As for me i don't bother about the price as my crypto has been increasing massively trading with an Expert

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