Video From 1994 REVEALS Where Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Is Heading. Greyscale BTC Trust V. CBDC

?Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency / Digital Assets result in a COMPLETELY NEW SUPER WEALTHY Economic Elite Class? When we glance again at this video from 1994 it turns into PAINFULLY apparent simply the place BTC and the whole market is headed to in 2020 and past. Also, Greyscale places out a report on Central Bank Digital Coins (CBDC’s) and the way Bitcoin fares in opposition to them. Ideologically I agree with the report however in actuality, Bitcion loss to CBDC’s and I give the the reason why. All that plus Digital Dave!


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Story #1 LINK – https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-will-create-a-new-economic-elite-in-2020

Story #2 LINK –


Story #Three LINK – https://grayscale.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Grayscale-Central-Bank-Digital-Currencies-Highlight-Bitcoins-Value-Proposition.pdf

Story #Four LINK – https://howmuch.net/articles/crypto-transaction-speeds-compared

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Video From 1994 REVEALS Where Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Is Heading. Greyscale BTC Trust V. CBDC

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  1. Got back my account of $6300 worth of Bitcoin back with the help of ray_hack7 on insta… I recommend him ✔️💯

  2. I agree with everything you say. Good on you showing people Theta Fuel before it went on a crazy run. You guys need to be listening to Digital Asset News more. If i could add 1 thing my friend i would your saving account should be in this order 😉
    1. Silver
    2. Gold
    3. Bitcoin

  3. Hi , new to your channel. In your opinion, what is the best way to invest in crypto from tax view?

  4. Yes but how do you secure your cryptocurrency when you buy crypto what's to stop people from stealing it from you I don't understand it , where can I go to learn how to secure the bit Bitcoin or cryptocurrency when i buy it more pacifically xrp

  5. You asked what issues someone might see with crypto, I don't have a ton of experience here so correct me if I'm wrong, but I think one of the main issues is security of your Bitcoin. I had a wallet with a few million satoshi. I hadn't checked it in like maybe a year, when I did finally check it, I had only about 300,000 satoshi, a far cry from my millions but in terms of value only about $70 dollars went missing. Where can I put my Bitcoin and make sure it stays secure?

  6. There is no cap on ethereum BUT the inflation rate is very low, and will be much lower going forward. Instead of halvings eth has 1/20-ings. Eth will flip btc at some point these next 5-10 years

  7. Bitcoin will always be a speculative asset and never a currency. Governments cannot allow a currency they do not control.
    So you can buy bitcoin, but don't believe those that guarantee that in future you will be rich and if you don't buy now you are missing out! That's generally the SCAM way.

  8. LMAO I'm sorry — 1MB/s?? Were you actually around 🤨 or maybe you just have a terrible memory…

    I would have DREAMED of a download speed even approaching that on dialup. Given the size of the images/MP3s (at 128-192kbps typically) and software that was typically prime download fodder in the late 90s and early 2000s (images — under 1MB to possibly up to 5 at most for the largest and highest quality stuff; 3-7MB for an average song, definitely <100MB for any entire album; and no games/software I can remember topping 500MB for the bleeding edge kinds of things, maybe only a few megs for the average app), as well as the storage capacity of average home computers (1-10GB at best), 1MBps would have been ridiculous.

    You'd do well to remember that the most common dialup standard at the time was literally called 56k — meaning the theoretical MAXIMUM throughput was 56kbps… notice that's kiloBITS, not even kilobytes. AKA literally 7KBps, at *best*. When I was running my KaZaA client back in the day (connected to my parents' university dialup) I would be THRILLED to just see 3-5KBps download speeds. Typically only around 1KBps or even slower — but it was still a miracle at the time.

    I understand poor memory but… remembering speed as several ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE greater than it was just seems like you have no idea what you're talking about. Hard to take the rest of the video seriously after that point. If you weren't there, no need to pretend that you were. If you were… do some fact checking please! Damn lol

  9. @Digital Asset News , In your Video, you said that Internet Speeds in the 1990's was "One MegaBite per second", THAT IS 100% WRONG, it was Megabit —- Mb (Small b) = bit, MB (Capital B) = Bite, the difference between "1" and "1000"…. THEN YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO TALK ABOUT WARREN BUFFET NOT UNDERSTANDING TECHNOLOGY, WHEN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SIMPLEST/MOST BASIC TECH FOUNDATIONS THAT 12 YEAR OLD'S KNOW. Winners don't spread misinformation.

  10. as somebody who has been born into almost poverty, who lived in wannabe ghettos his whole life and most of the time didnt even have money to even buy videogames id be really happy, if i will be able to afford a house for myself with cryptocurrency

    Ive got tons of cryptos, when i got my first job about 2 years ago, ive put most of my income into cryptos, just to have that little amount of hope to one day leave all of this behind and finally live a good and normal life

    Going from slave to elite would be a dream come true

  11. I was talking to a trader at fidelity and asked about bitcoin trading. He said they don’t have it yet but it’s in the works and they should soon have it available for trade…

  12. Sorry bud but a 1 MB dial up didn't' happen unless you had some super connection Dial up was like maybe 256k.

  13. Warren Buffett is not an investor legend, he just knows the manipulators of the old markets. That´s his little secret. And that´s why he missed out on all new occasions, because his mindset works as everyone else´s …

  14. the problem is when cash gets banned… obviously people would want a decentralized currency on top of a central banks currency where they can dictate what happens to your money, from negative interest rate hitting directly your wallet to making a "stimulus check" which u can only spend on supermarkets or locally owned markets or even a specific shop.

  15. BTC, LTC, and ETH only.
    LMAO at you ripple shills.

    Are people THAT IMMORAL (buying Ripple) and forgetting why crypto even exists??? We should actualy be buying (BTC, ETH, LTC) at any price to eventually own as many coin as possible. A few years ago I heard someone say "It's not the number your coins are worth; its the number of coins you have".

    XRP/ripple isnt a TRUE CRYPTO: it doesn't have a set supply – crypto requires set supply. Its totally centralized created in like a lab so the wall street scum that created it have a fresh foot into the crypto space all to themselves from ICO. It is for shills with no conscience. Who in their good mind can side with the "bankers" instead of the totally decentralized BTC, LTC, and ETH.

    IT IS ALL ABOUT changing the wealth paradigm from the elite to the masses. XRP is for banker-shills. Not at all helping that. Reply if you want I wont see it… I know iam right. XRP is for the devil and atheists. God bless those fighting for sovereignty. God bless BTC, LTC, ETH

  16. How is a kryptocurrency controlled by its designer that doesn't produce enough currency and so it also becomes ridiculously inflated. How is that any less of the haves versus have nots.

    You also said they can't possibly handle the pay transactions in one of your videos. Money and it's digital ledger already does that.

    You talk about the government but since the government is controlled by banks and other non-essential businesses that's fascism.

    They created that scheme in the past where how much was hacked(robbed) and they were not punished by the sec so they were trying their hand at ripping people off.

    You want to solve the problem of money. Stop dependency on social and stop brainwashing people into being slaves for richasses allowing kids to be stolen away to be brainwashed to work for some worthless currency at less than living wages in a deranged service economy trading hours for dollars like a Hoar.

    People use to live without a middleman system in the past by bartering so all the lazy worthless asses couldn't be stealing from them and everyone had to have Real Life Skills and Natural Order Competence. Return the land to the White Red Blue and Green, reinstall NATURAL ORDER Consciousness of our People and uninfest our consciousness, thoughts, and land and launch them off to their alien planet and take all their corrupt peddler minions with them and Real People could flourish again. Why don't you put that in as your narrative?!

    Those that don't comprehend these precepts are not only not American but pedaling foreign control while forcing further extraversion, dependency, and dumbing down.

    No currency in the world has tangible worth, nor can it make you independent like self sufficiency which instills proper values and allows for insights because you utilize your body, spirit, mind axis not just working as someone's slave degrading the True People.
    I would tell you you should be ashamed of yourselves but you are so damned devoid of proper values it is a waste of time.

    When your greedy asses can't eat because the food supply has been completely destroyed then it will possibly start to cause you to take notice, but probably not you will just opt for toxic vaccines and toxic junk foods to be further strung along with false values, fake sensations, implanted thoughts, and spirit possession as an encrypted piss ant.

    Those that sell out a Person who seeks to be a competent conscientious self reliant through a comprehension of Natural Order by doing Real Life Skills lieing to others pedaling false concepts to intentionally blocking FUNDEMENTAL precepts don't deserve to be on our land, not do they need to have faculties and motor coordination.
    I chastise you to include FUNDEMENTAL Pre-American Precepts and recite an Allegiance to our ways and inscribe everyone else before you pedal the lies of the richasses.

    People, even if you had all of the perfect money/currency in the world in isn't going to reverse you from being a dumbass lazy extraverted pissant. Anyone who pedals a middleman system is therefore speaking against Natural Order definitely doesn't have interest to truely better you. Yes, Comprehend their control systems one of which is what any currency/money is and yes, if you could get enough of that currency you could attempt to step out of their created fake illusion of a reality that they delude you into and keep you fixated on.
    But that's also part of the illusion is that you can only escape by having their permission to have more of their money, and just maybe, if you get lucky, you will strike it rich, and then your free.

    No, stop. This is why the richasses send you to school so they can steal your spirit, possess your body, block your normal impulses, pace, instincts, a connection to your ancestors and their wisdom, functional ability, brainwash you with a toxic diet, and implant their programmed fake reality with stereotyped roles and regulated circles of interaction, iconic archetypes to elicit emotions and trigger…

  17. 6:50 look at how long Japan has floated on ZIRP/NIRP. But, the Yen isn't the petrodollar. Ramifications of petrodollar going infinity ZIRP/NIRP is an interesting question.

  18. That's exactly what Russian government did to it's citizens. Or DID NOT DO to be more correct. They didn't give a cent to anybody and in addition to that are lying about the real number of coronavirus cases to the whole world. Just look at the official statistics, it's ridiculous. 12 times less total deaths than in UK. Google russian hospitals and horrify.

  19. There will always be a group of little polyester suit wearing men with tobacco Stan fingers and coffee breath pulling their hair hair out trying to figure out a way that they can tap in to the chain and how to siphon money off for themselves. They’re working on it now and the government is trying to also.
    Crypto is the future!

  20. So I checked out Theta and it looks really interesting given it's link to gaming – not my generational interests but huge with younger people. I bought a little but need Tfuel to sell. Would you be able to do a short segment in your next video on acquiring Tfuel please?

  21. Differences between the interweb and btc. Interweb was invented by the army. Btc is used by criminals and scammers.
    First search terms on the web…i was 12 you know .. cant do this fun with crypto.

    But its comparable to a scarce digital asset comparable to gold.

  22. There was dial up “downloads was like one megabyte per second“. Lol, bro try 25-30Kb per second.

    Sometimes we don’t even get 1 Megabyte per second in 2020 depending on network congestion with the giant cell phone companies in the states.

  23. ⛔Amtv predicted this all! and bought it at 1$ and told everyone it was the mark of the beast . Not to buy bitcoin. 🚫

  24. Could there be possibly be a finite number of a new digital dollar or new restraint's put in place?

  25. Sadly I think many governments attacking covid full on in the Western world ( generalizing) and following the WHO advice of it's not over until it's over, is fear of the economical impact and dare I say it an uprising. Just stay indoors, get by the best you can & God Bless us all…Paul Malta

  26. Why does Cointelegraph have THUNDERTOKEN in their BRAND LOGO?? Is TToken legit? It seems redundant to me

  27. Bitcoin doesn't need to be a daily transactional currency to become a reserve currency. Being censorship resistant, store of value is enough to disrupt or keep nations and central banks in check. Its about protecting your wealth. Would you buy coffee with a piece of gold?

    What gives Bitcoin its value is the network itself. No other crypto has the same security or will overtake the role of Bitcoin and that is okay. Bitcoin enables other use cases and that is the promising thing with crypto.

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