Vechain VET Is Doing HUGE, Stellar XLM Made A Huge Mistake & Ripple XRP, Tron TRX, Verge XVG

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  1. Vechain surging and price hell it's only seven tenths of one penny where the hell is the big explosion at it's not even a half it's barely over half a cent so why is people going to leave xrp which a lot of people should and go to vechain which is only seven tenths of a penny get real man

  2. It is obvious bitcoin is the future and it is a shame to be without an assured investment. Anything could happen between now and the end of the year that could impact the price of the coin. Bitcoin is special and extremely speculative; price is set by the market, the law of demand and supply driving it value, Bitcoin will swung up to $13,000 and will keep increasing, so everybody should buy and invest more and join the team, for me I will advice you work with Adrian’s strategy, with Adrian’s I made 5BTC with just 1.5BTC in just 3weeks with same strategy, you can reach him on Telegram Adrianmarkus

  3. Nice try but…VeChain partnerships do effect the vet price for now but all Ripple`s partnerships don`t do nothing for xrp holders .besides that VeChain has accomplished a lot in a short time ..Yes "investors" normally buy stocks or a user case in a company , Some Norwegian fish export companies is looking in to VeChains tracking system and norwegian companies normally do good and big investments

  4. you must be talking about ripple new partnerships every day ? nope but they make a few and they are good ones and has a good user cases for a lot of companies..xrp is mostly limited to banks and money movers . but i do hold both 🙂

  5. all those dumping their xrp for vet are impatient and skint. Put new money into vet but never your xrp. those trading for small gains will cry when xrp finally blows past all time high.

  6. I have purchased VET. I also have XRP but it has been stagnant between 26 to 29 cents. Even though it has great utility, it’s a slow mover for investors. I don’t have Stellar. I only hodle BTC, XRP and now VET. Great video!

  7. Bullrun-Scenario 2$ absolutely possible! Imagine the last Bullrun:
    People saw BTC by 5000$ and they serched for a „cheap“ coin! They found XRP (3,80$ATH),
    they found IOTA (5,60$ ATH), they found Cardano (0,96$ ATH). Imagine when FOMO
    starts and people searching again and they will find VET in the TOP 30 and for
    a half a Cent! And when institutions comes in….. I tell you, that realy big
    gains are absolutely possible. BUT: We need exchanges and platforms like etoro,
    iq option or bison. Because the most platforms have no VET!!!! It needs to be
    easy for people to buy VET! Thats the biggest problem I see at the moment!

  8. You should interact more with your community on YouTube my friend. You upload videos like crazy but I rarely see you
    comment on your followers.

    Good to see you talk about Vechain though 👌🏻.

  9. to answer your questions, xrp i will sell about 25% at 10$ a coin and, 50% at 50$ a coin, 25% if 100$a coin, final 25% will be sold depending on price if id does actually reach those numbers. final 25% will likely not be sold until 15+years later

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