We dive in and check out the Wyckoff buying and selling strategies. Bitcoin could possibly be making a giant transfer right here and regulate all of the markets are necessary because of this. They transfer in sentiment collectively at the moment and nonetheless!

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These are MY concepts, and I’m presenting them right here for leisure/evaluation functions ONLY, you MUST do YOUR OWN due diligence earlier than investing in ANY CC’s, digital belongings or ICOs; Understand the Risks.


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  1. Hi I just found tour chanel throu the video you made when you bouth the land in costa rica. Please dont srop doing those videos!!!! It is so real…you back to the roots and I would like to come and be your neighbor!
    It was a video from 1 years ago but I think i heard you say that its been 6 years can you tell me more please? thanks

  2. Education is the key! Thanks Tijo as I'm still trying to get my head around learning trends and methods etc. The great thing about when you speak is that I listen. Thats a sign of a good teacher! I did have a laugh to myself about the fact you were getting worked up about government / politics, whilst a beautiful waterfall was in the background. Exactly, what do you care about it. I'm hoping to drag myself out of the system and think differently and look to the future. Overall its just great stuff, just like a conversation, a bit of chat, rant, knowledge, sentiment. Keep it up its great stuff. Peace out

  3. Hi Tijo, just curious, is it possible that some of these things, ie Wyckoff Dist. Phase, may or may not apply to something like Bitcoin, as far as New Tech / Limited Supply / Worldwide 24/7 Trading ? this thought is always in the back of my mind, and would love your thoughts. I know that most charts / patterns / etc… are just " Emotions in Motion ", but I would think that the Limited Supply and worldwide trading / availability / 24/7 Markets MAY effect / change some of the " Historical Data " Thanks as always !!!

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