Upcoming Coinbase IPO Will Give MASSIVE Exposure To BITCOIN & The CRYPTO Market

Crypto trade Coinbase making ready to go public as early as this yr per a Reuters repor and BlockFi is trying to rent a CFO forward of potential IPO in 2021. These crypto IPO’s will give Bitcoin and the Crypto market big publicity. Binance’s CEO CZ weighed in on Coinbase IPO plan by saying the next: “I normally dont touch upon different exchanges. But want to congratulate Coinbase on the IPO plan. Pushing/paving the way in which for different crypto companies.

And to reply the query. No, Binance is NOT planning an IPO. We plan to decentralize extra.”

Other crypto firms additionally trying to do an IPO are Ripple and Bitmain.

US CFTC Promises ‘Holistic Framework’ for Digital Assets by 2024. Bitso Hits 1M Users as Crypto Adoption Spikes in Latin America. ING Joins Crypto Industry Body Working to Set Codes of Conduct

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Disclaimer – Thinking Crypto and Tony usually are not monetary or funding specialists. You ought to do your individual analysis on every cryptocurrency and make your individual conclusions and selections for funding. Invest at your individual danger, solely make investments what you’re prepared to lose. This channel and its movies are only for instructional functions and NOT funding or monetary recommendation.

Upcoming Coinbase IPO Will Give MASSIVE Exposure To BITCOIN & The CRYPTO Market

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  1. I just don’t understand why so many? How would I know which coins to buy? Is there a way to analyze them like stocks? Which coins are the next Amazon, Apple, Tesla? 😭

  2. Liked! I would also invest in Coinbase IPO. Agreed w/ Tony in regard to Coinbase will be more accountable with the SEC if they do IPO. Good video as always Tony.

  3. Guys don’t be fooled. Coinbase and private companies going public means the venture capitalists are making their EXIT. They’ve made their money because they were EARLY. They’ve already extracted most of the value out of the company. You THINK you’re early but you’re LATE and gonna be left holding the baby.this is the best time to buy bitcoin.Investing in Bitcoin has been the smartest decision of my life, initially frustrating, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through. On several occasions, some majority of the videos uploaded on different channels made references about a Pro Trader- Quincy Truman who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his Telgram @Quincy_Truman he has been giving the best trading Tips and I have been able to increase my little 3.5Btc to 9BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story. Y'all can reach out to him through His whatsaap** +1 (917) 624‑9487

  4. Great video as always Tony! Definitely will consider buying Coinbase shares. With their staking, I'm sure they will plan on paying dividends. I wouldn't be surprised if Grayscale starts paying dividends too, especially after Ethereum begins staking too!

  5. Coinbase is going to screw themselves in stock price when they do their "UNDER MAINTENANCE" during bull runs. Remember THAT you XRP banker fan fool.

  6. Nice video but I don't really need this because I let my expert trader handle my trades and make me profits. Mr. Harry Gonzalez.

  7. Hey 👋 there great content as always I voted yes in your poll I don’t like coinbase much but I’m here to make money 😉

  8. Yes. I would invest in its IPO because they make a lot of money from those high fees. I think exchange fees are too high.🥴

  9. I had two times a mortgage at ING and i can tell you that's a bank that is not the easiest, no way they would be dealing with ponzies or bullshittery. When ING is involved i would definitely take it seriously. Buy XRP!!!

  10. Anyone who would not invest in coinbase is just salty about something. I don't give a crap what issues they may have I'm here to make money.

  11. Yes, I would invest in Coinbase when they IPO. It's profit driven and their fees are their profit. Win-win right? haha Overall though, their secuirty/custody measures and more institutional money since they've been in this space since 2013. Seems to be a solid investment. Thanks, Tony! Keep up the excellent content family.

  12. I love watching your channel. But this video..(everyone has there own freedom of speech I know) but when I heard the GD words come out of your mouth it was video over for me. Sorry man.

  13. All of these IPO's are only going to further validate this space and that should make everyone feel happy in the coming years. Lets go. BULLISH 🙂

  14. I would invest. They are the best known name. Doesn't matter that I don't like them, I know newbies will go there first because they are so easy to use.

  15. Tony, as you are a Coinbase hater you should hope CB doesn't IPO. If you get an interview with CB I expect that will tell them you deactivated your account with them and advised your subscribers to do the same because they are a scam, and yes Tony you are being hypocritical. You cannot have it both ways 😉

  16. The problem with the ipo…. I think its stupid why do and I.P.O when you can do an S.T.O…. if you do I.P.O you tie everything to the USD if you do an S.T.O you tie everything to BITCOIN… I thought we were seeing the USD go to zero soon… and that means everything that's tied to it

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  18. Bought from them when I first got started in '17, but got tired of getting reamed in fees… moved to buying from CashApp. Might buy the stock, but I'd rather take long game options on it

  19. Overstock owns tzero and there a publicly trading company that is crushing it!!! Coinbase will be a money maker

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