UNCOVERED: Coinbase & J.P. Morgans SECRET MEETING For YEARS! Decentralized Twitter, D-Social Coming

?Thanks to Billy Bambrough and the brand new e-book, “Kings Of Crypto” it was conspicuous that J.P. Morgan was having SECRET MEETINGS for YEARS with CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong and Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange. Again, we’ve got an instance of “Watch what they DO and NOT what they SAY!”. Also, with a brand new government order in place does this imply that the age of DECENTRALIZES Social Media Platforms will likely be ushered in? In my opinion, it is exclusively a matter of time as we dive deep into the internets historical past and begin to actually comprehend that “Necessity is the Mother of ALL Invention.”

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Story #Four LINK – https://www.npr.org/2020/05/30/865813960/as-trump-targets-twitters-legal-shield-experts-have-a-warning

STORY #5 LINK – https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/11/21010856/twitter-jack-dorsey-bluesky-decentralized-social-network-research-moderation

STORY #6 – https://www.minds.com/


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  1. Are we talking about the same banks that have manipulated the silver market for years? Of course they are all about manipulation!

  2. My concern with JP Morgan is that their motives may go beyond making a big profit with Crypto.They may still have a secret agenda to try and kill decentralized blockchains even if it is impossible to do so. I say this because they are still the voice of the international banking cartel that views crypto as the greatest enemy of the goal of financial control and domination.
    Consider, right after Jekyll Island, what did JP Morgan, the man and his cronies do? They snuggled up with congress pretending to favor all the good stuff with money and then, in the greatest deception of all time, they got the Federal Reserve Act passed during Christmas holiday 1913 when most congressmen were at home with their families. After Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law, being similarly deceived, he later said "I am a most unhappy man, I have ruined my country".
    It would not surprise me in the least if there wasn't some similar game and deception going on now. While I do not believe crypto can be stopped, it is still possible to wage a war against it to try and limit it in some way. I hope I'm wrong about this, but wanted at least to put it out there and get others' views.
    Lastly, I'm a master astrologer with over 30 years experience and I know that we are in a current cycle now of returning control of money to the people but we may be in a war on this until 2025.

  3. You must never regulate free speech. Everyone lies all the time do you really think when you die you will meet Jesus on a throne evaluating your life REALLY because the last time I checked there are 1 billion Hindus in India who believe in an array of gods and goddess they will meet when they die so basically religious leaders are liars so are politicians all multi mullion dollar politicians left right work for lobbist and coporations so should we abandon govt. Just like alcohol cigarettes and prescription medicines come with warning labels so should youtube twitter posts ALL IS FOR ENETRTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. All MSM lie CNN showed a Kentucky gun show and claimed its was bombing in Syria and peope were running for their lives were they thrown off the air for willful lying NO MSM is theater chose which movie you want to watch Fox or CNN it comes down to STUPIDITY and in America we are the kings and queens of stupid why imagine KIM K sells out her MASKS in 2 hrs gee wiz I didn't know Kim K makes medical masks which are the only effective ones in my medical opinion but AMERICANS struggle with IQ. There is no such thing as HATE SPEECH its just a difference of opinion all speech should be FREE never regulate speech that's how you foster a TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY OF DUMB OBIDIENT PEOPLE !

  4. Check out podcast Crypto 101 episode 323 on Spotify. They interviewed a former JPM tech crypto guy who's been working on his own project Kenda.

  5. JP Morgan Chase has been doing the same thing with silver for some time. They short the paper and accumulate physical.

  6. You're absolutely right, let's join forces n create the best block chain social media network. It can be uncensored and also not abuse personal data

  7. I'm for moderate regulation, but what about political lies, such as the Russian interference in our elections? We have to find a way to get FB, Twitter, etc. to regulate them in those cases!

  8. why do you keep reading the cripto prices???????????????????????????? they fluctuate all the time from hour to hour , waste everyone's time if we need to check the prices we know where to go …. some times I 'm amazed of how people think


  10. They are the smart money,they will try and gobble up as much as they can and manipulate this new marketplace(No SEC breathing down thier necks)as much as they can
    Its like the old Poker saying.If your at a Poker table and you dont know who they sucker is at the table,Its probably you.

  11. Recently started watching your channel. Love your videos your very unbias and real. Gotta agree with you dont like the banks. They have a problem when the masses realize that they can multiply there money either via Fx or crypto but deflation takes a hold of your money within the banking system

  12. Set up standard laws, child porn, hate, and racism break law and get dealt with quickly. have simple rules. does info Vote on new controversial info. majority rules

  13. Not sure why but these 20min videos go by faster than some 5min videos lol thanks for being consistent keep up the great work!

  14. Yep! Absolutely true, to both questions collection and fees is all they care about! The fees that will have to be paid back bye JP Morgan for over charges on Crypto purchases..👀👍🙌 As the President of the United states, you need to understand what you say matters, period!

  15. Big banks are only interested in separating as much wealth from their “clients” as possible.

    They are masters of double speak. It’s been said: The tree is known by its fruit. Learn what they have done and watch what they are doing. Don’t be fleeced.

  16. Banks say "A" but do "XYZ". They have been buying into Crypto since the Jamie Dimon statement in 2018. When he stated that he would fire anyone of his guys trading crypto's, his European Financial Companies were ordered to buy in massively.

  17. Wouldn't be surprised if they are behind the BTC dumping, each time it's making any significant gains, resulting in it never being able to take off

  18. Open the floodgates… with freedom comes responsibility. I think its fair to say that platforms and content will be supported by micropayments and be decentralized.

  19. Not sure if you covered VeChain already but would love to hear your thoughts on that unicorn 🦄

    PS: awesome content!!

  20. By No Means A Bitcoin Hater
    But The End Game Has Already Been Scripted
    Manipulated Speculative Scarcity Is What Is Planned For Bitcoin
    This Is What Wall Street Is being Tooled Up For

  21. So Many Still Can Not See The Forrest For The Trees
    Carbon Footprint Will Be Politically Crucial
    The Agenda Has Always Been Hidden From The Sheeple

  22. They are secretly accumulating Bitcoin. The more they criticise BTC, the more they're buying and hoarding it. Why? To remove BTC from the general public & crypto enthusiasts. Less quantity >> increase the price.

  23. Hey man i thought i'd let you know that my alerts are on for your videos but i no longer receive notifications. started wondering why it'd been 3 days without a vid…

  24. Bitcoin will not replace the usd, maybe Bitcoin Cash will. Bitcoin will replace gold. Which is more valuable(higher demand) today, gold or usd.

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