Tutorial: Easiest Way To Create Bitcoin Cash SLP Tokens – By Roger Ver

The course of of making SLP Tokens obtained even simpler with Watch our tutorial to learn the way to create your individual in seconds.

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Tutorial: Easiest Way To Create Bitcoin Cash SLP Tokens - By Roger Ver

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  1. So, you are basically creating equivalent to shitty fiat same as central banks, some new numbers on screen created out of nothing, only difference is yours is not enforced by the state.
    The more of these you create the more shit tokens there is. I think I get it, this is very useful. /s

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  3. So I can create token and use them for my business like reward points? Rodger how can a real estate coach create these token and use In his business?

  4. I already have your RKV. Is that really yours? For peepz who will try to create one here, here is my SLP to send your created tokens. simpleledger:qzj2u8u88vku97kvapz87m7axhe98ndrm5k7g2tlug

  5. Sweet Roger! That is some useful content! Why do you hate the 8 decimals so much? Just keep loving the 2 decimals and ignore the 8 decimals!!!

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