Turning $4,000 into $100,000 | Bitcoin Million Dollars Cash Out Plan and Strategy (Must Watch)

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  1. Bitcoin is over $56,000 and counting investing in it now is a very lucrative way of making profits, sleep on it, don't just buy and hold bitcoin. Trade it

  2. If there are only 21 million BTC then BTC would have to get to $500,000 not $50,000 to reach $ 1 Trillion.
    (21,000,000×500,000= 1,000,000,000,000. 12 zeros. Am I right?

  3. I have never regretted investing with jasonmaddison2020 on 1stâgram, since I have been here no members has ever complain about this platform, we are happy everyday. Thanks to jasonmaddison2020

  4. رب اعوذبك من همزات الشياطين واعوذ بك رب ان يحضرون
    رب اعوذبك من همزات الشياطين واعوذ بك رب ان يحضرون

  5. Not going to happen. In order to cash in on this, you'll be depending on grabbing somebody else's investment before they pull out…like musical chairs, and you will NOT know when that music will stop. This is also detrimental to your own USD since the more USD is converted into BC, the lower the velocity of the USD, creating budget deficits in both public and private sector finances.

    If you dont believe me, that's ok. Youd be better off learning a skill and just working away for your entire life.

  6. My experience with this unregulated company has been a complete nightmare. I lost a very huge amount to them. I had to take actionable steps to initiate a charge back through the help of a forensic expert you can  contact his via mail [email protected]
    he was able to recover my funds within a week. Hopefully this information can help any one that has been a victim!

  7. $CHR IS GONNA BE 10 $

  8. I just want to say a big thanks to @ RYANBURNNET_FXTRADE on Instagram I was nobody until a friend of mine introduce me to him since then I've been financially stable , catching out on weekly basis

  9. All thanks to Madrigal_Kelviin on instagram. I just made $12500 investing $1000. It still looks like a dream to me 😮

  10. You are completely wrong my friend. From 2015 bottom to 2017 ATH was an increase of aproximately 11900%. Now if we gonna have same increase in next ATH we calculate this. 2018 bottom was at 3200$ + 11900% equal 380000$. Please correct yourself. But let's be pessimistic, let's say next increase will be only 7000% from bottom. That means 3200$+7000% equal 224000$.

  11. It was a great experience with good man like legitimate Qudhack on I,G he did a very legitimate work for me and my family

  12. @12:37 mark – when MSailor was saying " and the hodlers will be sitting there with their encrypted energy… …. " !! in what context was he saying that..Is he saying it GOOD or NOT good to hodl at that point… ?? dont really understand . Can anyone shed some clarity if possible please?? Tx in advance

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  14. But you realize, even exchanging bitcoin for another is still a taxable event? If you sell, in any manner, exchange what ever, it’s all taxable, I’d be the same as if you exchanged stocks for another stock it’s still a taxable event.

  15. wow, I grew my blockchain wallet to 98 BTC in just 4 weeks. i still can't believe this platform actually works. all thanks to the expert investor Mr Donald James for helping me become a bitcoin millionaire

  16. wow, I grew my blockchain wallet to 98 BTC in just 4 weeks. i still can't believe this platform actually works. all thanks to the expert investor Mr Donald James for helping me become a bitcoin millionaire

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  18. I literally don't losefunds in trading bitcoin. All thanks to the genius Mr. Anthony Lauberth. His strategy is second to none

  19. I have always been an advocate the bitcoin trading because it pays off handsomely since i have decided to invest with Mr Anthony Lauberth

  20. I bought in at 9200 for 15k. Which gave me 1.6 btc. I have pulled some profit and leaves me at 1.4 btc. Now I am just waiting for that mark to say ok I can live off of that. I also hold XRP and ETH. Well see. It has to break 16k first then 20k

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