Trading Bitcoin W/ FiboSwanny – $BTC Almost At $10okay, Lets Dive Into Fibonaccis

Trading Bitcoin w/ FiboSwanny – $BTC Almost at $10okay, Let’s Dive Into Fibnoncci’s

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Trading Bitcoin W/ FiboSwanny - $BTC Almost At $10okay, Lets Dive Into Fibonaccis

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  1. Private web browsing anytime any day courtesy of Macca's Wifi – They can explain who browsed what lol

  2. Thats not how fibonacci time works ……Tone!!!!! Why didnt you grill the questioner FOR THAT HORRIFIC QUESTION!? You know you can't mark the fibonacci time from a high to high! NOR ONE FROM A LOW TO LOW! You do a ""low to high"" or ""high to low"", then there is the time based fib zone extension tool where you pull from "high to low to high", or "low to high to low". There is two fibonacci time tools in tradingview. AAAnd those are the only CORRECT way's to use them. Sincerely the fibonacci master, aka TheChartMafia… never pull any fibs from low to low or high to high, that pretty much is fucking illegal!!! dont let these morons disrespect me like that Tone! haha much love Tone, had to change the name because like i was telling you, some dickhead in my group hacked my tradingview, was getting creepy, much love to the TD GOD TONE! ITS ALL GOOD TONE, LEAVE FIBS TO ME, TD SEQUENCIAL IS LEFT TO YOU BROTHER! LOVE!!!

  3. @FiboSwanny really liked seeing how you adjust your Fib Retracements to adjust for puilbacks, as well as using the RSI to help identify true changes in investor psychology. This helps me. Thanks to Tone too, great content and love your analysis of BTC.

  4. Tone, great great content… remind subscribers to make sure they click on the 'All' notification bell to ensure that they dont miss any videos

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