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What is? : “Unconfiscatable Celebrity Poker Tournament 2020 (BITCOIN NOT BLOCKCHAIN)”

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  1. Вам скучно, чтобы держать падающий биткойн?)) Лучше купить для него жетоны Telegram; можно будет сделать X-es на * newgram. информация * в любом случае!

  2. Love tone and appreciate his free work but tone your a terrible listener, fidgeting looking around just gives the impression your not that interested in what dom was saying, need to improve on that mate.
    On the other hand it wasn't that long ago that dom was tweeting favourably about bcash.

  3. Oh I've realised one thing about the guest mics. Tone, make sure the guest mic is clipped on the correct side of the guest so when he turns to you to converse, he turns into his mic, not away from it!

    The things is you talk super confident and many of your guests have a lot more modest, lower speaking 'tone'. ;o)

    …. edit: oh, you noticed half way through! Good job. And it made a big difference.

  4. Great discussion of tax. I loved the illustration from ancient Greece, those sort of incentives are so important and why not use esteem and other non-monetary incentives wherever possible. I bet it'll be very hard work getting the politicians & bureaucrats to think like that and take real notice of human motivation and suchlike. They are LAZY from a lifetime of power wielded carelessly in order to dump the money in their laps … from their point of view, it does grow on trees, which just need a bit of shaking to yield their fruit. I can't wait for Bitcoin to start to change this, if it can. Not anti-tax, but we sorely need ways of making the collection of tax more equitable & spending of 'public money' more accountable. SOOO much gets effing wasted.

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