Trading Bitcoin – $BTC & $SPX Drop Together Again

Trading Bitcoin – Will $BTC Follow the Big $SPX Drop?
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  1. There is no possible way Joe is profitable if he took that trade. I've been trading traditional and crypto. That is a very risky trade. He's going against the trade trying to call a bounce

  2. Re Self isolation.. yes cant be inforced…but when the apps are law and installed fines could be automated when covid test positive individuals leave their agreed zone a fine could be applied .. .. 🧐

  3. fuck political correctness. just say retard if you want to say it. don't be censored by some bullshit propaganda about political correctness. Good content Tone!

  4. This shit is getting frustrating, all indications are things are going to drop and my puts get destroyed because we go up. Like wtf!!

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