Top 10 Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria On The Best Price (2020 Update)

?Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria at the very best value on Luno:

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1. Luno:

2. Quidax:

3. Binance:

4. Remitano:

5. Blockvila:

6. BuyCash:

7. Paxful:

8. Redeeem:

9. Yellow Card:

10. NativeBitcoins:

I went by way of a listing of over 80 platforms the place Nigerians can purchase bitcoins to provide you with the highest 10.

You can take a look at the record right here ?

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Top 10 Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria On The Best Price (2020 Update)

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  7. Good Video bro. I am in Sierra Leone n I am finding it difficult to buy bitcoin. What exchange platform should I use plz? I keep being asked to verify an ID on blockchain n it doesn't go thru. Plz advise me. Thanks

  8. Unbelievable…even in Africa we need this shit of KYC/AML to buy some crypto,western country want to regulate the world

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  10. LUNO charges you too much….they charge you when you're buying Bitcoin and when you're sending it to your Blockchain…..don't like using them for any transaction. Greedy people

  11. Pls Jude which platform can I buy crypto cheap in Nigeria because I do arbitrage trade but the site I use I do buy crypto there with my card and we are limited to buy for 100$ per month with card in Nigeria, I want a place I can buy cheap with my card or bank with out limit because I do send the crypto to binance for sell?

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  23. Hello Mr Jude please I just need best way to convert Bitcoin to naira ,and naira to Bitcoin, which one is more safe,must I put bvn pls

  24. Good job. Please which of them can I exchange bitcoin instantly and get paid into my nigerian bank account???

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  26. Hi, thanks for your video…. I have problem with my team member in Nigeria who couldn’t figure out how to buy Bitcoins.. and afraid of fake companies. Can I link you to him? He wanted to participate to Mirror Trading Club… I’m here in USA 🇺🇸. I will give your video link to him now.

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