This week in Bitcoin – Jan 13th, 2020

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Here’s what occurred this week in Bitcoin. For the whole tales go to:

– Is Bitcoin Acting as a Safe Haven? –
– World’s Biggest Bitcoin Mine Planned for Texas –
– Deribit Exchange Relocating from Netherlands to Panama –
– Cobinhood Exchange Frozen for Audit –
– Ubisoft Scouting Blockchain Game Investments –

Why does my Bitcoin deal with hold altering in my pockets?

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  1. also an unspent address is quantum proof because there's no output transactions hence no public keys to brute force break a private key with quantum computing, so there's also that benefit of having unspent (brand new- never sent/spent) addresses

    not the article i was thinking of, but yep some sources
    but also looking at this one kinda defeats my purpose lol
    still a nice idea to have bitcoin in unspent addresses though

  2. Love the new format of the videos including a little BLOCKCHAIN/BITCOIN education to your viewers 🙂

  3. doing the same maintenance at the same time……. for 3 days….. seems a little off that it takes 3 days to do maintenance…. no testnet? wth reeks of exit scam

  4. Also, it makes a nice feature if you assign a different address to each customer… automatic accounting as both of you can check on your payment history.
    Could you address the issue of "key atrophy"? It is considered wise to sort of keep each "public key' (or deposit key) as quiet as possible as there is always some danger of too many keys getting into the wrong hands…..

  5. Great video how would you suggest I get my bitcoin BTC wallet back after my broker wanted commission first before one receives profits??

  6. Bitcoin Adoption is very important. Please answer my question, I'd appreciate it:
    Is it possible for us to run a full Lighting Network node in our phone? If not, why? And how can we do it? What would happen if my node goes offline for a while? Would I lose all my bitcoin? Why?
    Bitcoin is like gold, but just like gold it has its problems when you want to adopt it in a day to day use. The lighting network is the solution but we also need to adopt that.
    Thank you!

  7. I would like to mine bitcoins. Which powerful machines would you recommend? Please note that I am an individual and cannot afford tens of thousands of dollars in machinery.

  8. So if I start buying Bitcoin and have a new address, or Public Key, for each time I buy Bitcoin on the network, will I need to use that same address to trade it? Will I have to use that same address that I used to buy that particular amount of Bitcoin, to be able to trade it, or will one address give me access to all of my transactions? Won't the private key stay the same for all transactions?

  9. The changing address thing is dumb – security through obscurity. It gives the impression of being safer but it's not. A simple clustering algorithm will link all the accounts together and pretty well tell you what you had for breakfast this morning.

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