This Week In Bitcoin- 2-7-2020- Coronavirus, China, Hong Kong, Lightning Labs, Central Financial Institution Cash

El Paso, TX- What the heck is occurring in Asia? This week’s visitors are all in Asia and they’re going to inform us the newest Bitcoin, Coronavirus, and China information. Leo is in Hong Kong, Luis is within the Philippines, and Tai Zen is in Thailand. Get prepared for a really particular Asia primarily based present that can join present occasions and Bitcoin! We will even discuss Lightning Labs, stablecoins, central financial institution cash and rather more!

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This Week In Bitcoin- 2-7-2020- Coronavirus, China, Hong Kong, Lightning Labs, Central Financial Institution Cash

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  1. Fantastic show! It's pleasant to hear Tai's grounded perspective ever since he learned to behave. Even if I think his takes are a bit too ghetto-centric. Just because Vietnamese fishermen don't understand censorship resistance and the nature of government, doesn't make it unimportant. Sooner or later everyone will understand, like is happening rather quickly in China and Hong Kong from what I can tell. Instead of just telling Bitcoin what to do, he should also be teaching his people about liberty. Because it's not like the societies they've created over there don't have major issues and people don't want to move somewhere better. If they just nod their heads and say "okay" to Bitcoin's fundamental proposal, it's going to be worst for them. Bitcoin chugs along either way.

  2. Good talk. I am in China still in Guangdong Province. What Leo said is not quite true, at least in Guangdong. I can leave my apartment and drive wherever I want whenever I want. Maybe what he said applies to some areas in China, but I am not there so I can't say. Wuhan may be a completely different situation than Guangdong. Here, masks are mandatory when going outside, and we get our temperature checked at every building we enter. I personally am NOT worried about this virus AT ALL!

    Edit: I don't mean to tear Leo down here. He is getting his news about China from Hong Kong and they need clicks. The reality on the ground here is that there is no frustration with the Chinese government at all, in fact everyone has made this a national cause. If anything there is more support for the government than ever. At least, that is what I am seeing on the streets in my daily life. News reports can't compare to being on the ground personally!

  3. Reminder. Next Bitcoin shirt partnered Watford FC ⚽️ game against Brighton this weekend from the EPL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. The issue with the masks is that even the best models only serve as an effective barrier for 1-2 hours.

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