This Is Why Crypto Rebounded In Price, After The Weekend Sell-Off | Daily Cryptocurrency News


? Outlier Ventures Blockchain Report – https://outlierventures.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/OV-Blockchain-Dev-Q2-2020-4.pdf

? JPMorgan Analysts Research On Bitcoin – https://jpmcsso.jpmorgan.com/sso/action/federateLogin?URI=https%3a%2f%2fmarkets.jpmorgan.com%2fcontainer-web%2fua%3fsourceUrl%3dhttps%3a%2f%2fmarkets.jpmorgan.com%2fresearch%2fanalyst%2fN189043%253f&msg=+&securityLevel=0&multiDomainRequiredCheck=true&app=585580&ref=585579&cs=hCAnKuwLOOwGMtlj8CJ3vAM29gU%3d

? Reddit Thread On EOS FUD – https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/h8u0dc/fud_from_decrypt_that_nobody_is_developing_on_eos/

? Fed Is Going To Star Buying Individual Corporate Bonds – https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/15/the-fed-says-it-is-going-to-start-buying-individual-corporate-bonds.html

? BitFly’s Remarks On Sharing Huge ETH Transaction Earnings With Pool Miners – https://twitter.com/etherchain_org/status/1272425639673462784

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This Is Why Crypto Rebounded In Price, After The Weekend Sell-Off | Daily Cryptocurrency News

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  1. ⚡⚡⚡ TIMESTAMPS ⚡⚡⚡

    *00:28 This Is Why Crypto Rebounded In Price, After A NASTY Weekend Sell-Off
    02:07 Fed Is Going To Star Buying Individual Corporate Bonds

    06:01 BitFly's Remarks On Sharing Huge ETH Transaction Earnings With Pool Miners

    09:06 EOS Developers VS Ethereum

    14:08 JPMorgan Analysts Research On Bitcoin

    15:22 Quote of the Day / Conclusion




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  4. Omar, I'm jes' an ol' boomer now fighting my way into some semblance of future on my own terms. I, like you, am a musician heavy into improvisation and dance music like my forefathers before me in the heyday of the Jazz Age (everyone should familiarize themselves in this history, the economics of the time) but having worked at music most of my life, it is there I found by true independence and self determination. I have goals still not met but I believe in crypto because that is the only way forward. I believe in Crypt0 as well. What would I do without your data and viewpoint delivered in the most subtle, soothing tones like a great musician would play his instrument.

  5. Great ETH news, guess other platforms will struggle, moving more and more to ETH, love that park,
    Verde? Great your local now.👍

  6. Thanks Omar I love your content. No tribalism just honest opinion. We need more chilled people like yourself in the space. Too much bickering in crypto.

  7. Always objective. Love the stream. You should do a few 5 minute quick take on various coins. It's hard to get content from people who aren't just shilling their bags of shit. I had to stop listening to one of my favorite Tubers because he was EOS shill. Not going to lie I own some. But not going to act like its the best project in or for crypto.

  8. Hey Omar I’m from Los Angeles really interested in learning about Cryptocurrency I’m more detail how can I help you with anything in exchange for your time and your knowledge?

  9. I hold 0xMonero so my portfolio doesn't fluctuate like other cryptos because there is no BTC trading pair (no bots to manipulate the price)

  10. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track⛱

    Last 2016 Bitcoin halving kicked off the exponential 2016/17 price surge!""

  11. Reddit will be even more empty when VOICE is open for everybody and running on EOS mainnet. Game over for anonymous trolls 👻 I am looking forward to this.

  12. You have some the best insight man. Glad I ran across your crypto channel. You give it real with a point of view that makes sense. I'm gonna pass and stick with crypto. Tired of the broken system.

  13. So the Fed is picking Corporate bond winners and losers (by not being picked) . Stocks next ? There is no real price discovery in markets today.

  14. Stocks are only a short term correlation with Bitcoin. The dollar is the long term correlation as Bitcoin has been declared a commodity. The DX has been trailing Lower.

  15. Most EOS action does happen on telegram, B1 is been quietly working on VOICE which is launching onJuly 4th…this will get the word out more about eos and easio products in general…The reason why EOS is not in the spot light always is because EOSIO is easy to fork and there are many side chains like WAX, TELOS, Worbli, soon ULTRA and there many more. Eventually these chains will be connected to eos main net by IBC ( Interchange blockchain communication ) EOS is part of EOSIO eco system so this is different than ETH eco system…EOSIO will have many chains and dapps in the future to come. What we need is a fund that combines all EOSIO chains.

  16. Biteooooooooosssss, it chased the fame of Eth, for a quick easy buck. Tricksters convinced they can utilise an opportunity. Bad management, business model and ethos. Greed and ego have destroyed a project that could have been successful.

  17. Hi omar..i didn't know you were in vegas
    I'm by the IKEA..i like to meet up with you one day for a beer,coffee.

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