This Chart Predicts The Next Bitcoin Pump? BTC, ETH, LINK Price Prediction, News Analysis, Targets



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This Chart Predicts The Next Bitcoin Pump? BTC, ETH, LINK Price Prediction, News Analysis, Targets

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  3. R James
    PayPal, Bitcoin and Litecoin event on its way, Thanksgiving 🍰🍹rally may now be in play.

    PayPal owned Venmo joins 2021. Łitecoin the cheapest coin on both platforms. 400+ million customers in total ..👀

    Who’s next. Apple 🍏? Amazon?

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  6. Hey man, congrats on 15k subs. Awesome content again.
    A small request, if you could tell the Fibonacci time for gold/silver for the next bull run like you mentioned for BTC (16th October). I tried it myself, couldn't do it…thanks

  7. I have always been an advocate of the bitcoin market because it pays off handsomely since i decided to invest with Mr Steve Donald

  8. Gold love the last little bit alot of people don't realise you can't just copy other people you gotta learn your own way but is good to learn how to analyse all options and what everyone else sees so you can make a judgement on what you think will happen, in basic a sum of pros and cons to work out probability. #trend is your friend XD
    Bit drunk sorry for bad gramma ;P

  9. Dude one of your sound effects is the same as Phemex's position closure, you panicked me 2x haha. Great TA man, keep it up!

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