This Bitcoin Prediction is SCARY Accurate!! ($427,313 by Nov. 21st, 2021)




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  1. who is watching this video in may 2020 mid pandemic and thinks what this guy says is bull… S that is? with the true bearish vibes now?

  2. I enjoyed the prediction from the standpoint of an investor for the long time. History has shown us that crypto assets are the best hedge against global inflation if held for long. Kudos and thanks for the efforts. I publish short perspectives on decentralizing politics – AI and bot with protocols will handle bulk of our bureaucratic and clerical duties – PEOPLE REVOLUTION

  3. 365HACKERS COM is the real deal he cleared up my long time debt and fund my blockchain wallet with 6.3btc

  4. The upward movement of the price of bitcoin was convincing after it climbed above the $6,600 resistance and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The smart thing to do now is to take this opportunity and secure more coins and even better if you have the experience and skills to trade profitably considering the current market before the eventual mooning of the asset. I am currently trading with trade signals provided by Nathan Trueman and the accuracy and result of this have been astounding as I have been making an average of 5 BTC every month for the last eight months in a row. These are crucial times for the world economy but great for bitcoin and with the right set of skills and guidance, one would tap into the great opportunity the digital assets provides. Nathan can be reached through his WhatsApp; (+44) 7723984457 or also through his Telegram; (@nathantrueman) for inquiries into his services because he has a lot to offer.

  5. LOL, where he at??? Y'all know damn well the bitcoin price will not be close to that price with this economy next year.

  6. where have you been?
    You're way better than other crypto analysts out there, like dammm you had my adrenaline rushing.
    you just earned my subscription today , keep on crytoing. ❤

  7. Now is the best time to buy bitcoin….and investing in bitcoin trading is the best thing that has happened to me.

  8. I predict that bitcoin will be worth $ by December 21 2021 because… the graph! Complete utter BS.

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