The United States SEC Just Said YES To Cryptocurrency! | Best Cryptocurrency News Online

What is the perfect performing cryptocurrency in 2020? Why is bitcoin going up? Today the US SEC makes historical past with Arca, the primary SEC-regulated crypto fund thats represented by its personal crypto token. Learn extra in our every day cryptocurrency information on-line overview.

We additionally focus on why is Vechain cryptocurrency pumping? Why is Chainlink cryptocurrency and Cardano cryptocurrency going up? And what’s Synthetix Network crypto? For extra cryptocurrency information on-line, remember to hit subscribe!

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Arca Labs Launches Ethereum-Based SEC-Registered Fund


Crypto social media platform Voice lastly launches on EOS


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00:00 Intro

00:26 The US SEC BULLISH!!

04:35 Why is Cardano (ADA) Pumping?

05:56 Why is Vechain (VET) Pumping?

07:49 What is Synthetix Network Token (SNX)? Why is it Pumping?

08:43 EOS Announcement!

09:42 Small Bitcoin Bear Flag!

10:24 Final Thoughts


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This info is what was discovered publicly on the web. This info mightve been doctored or misrepresented by the web. All info is supposed for public consciousness and is public area. This info shouldn’t be meant to slander hurt or defame any of the actors concerned however to indicate what was mentioned by their social media accounts. Please take this info and do your individual analysis.

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The United States SEC Just Said YES To Cryptocurrency! | Best Cryptocurrency News Online

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  2. I wouldn't trust anything with the USA label/tag/name backed by it. USA prints monopoly money and pushes it out like it's valuable. Unless it was backed by the pre 1970s Gold Standard. This might be good for buying it on the ground floor but holding it is probably not a decent strategy.

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  9. This is really good news. Maybe the MSB license should be made more accessible? Ownr wallet recently received this license and it was really difficult.

  10. your video posts JULY 10, 1030am EST, and your lead story is about a news item that’s 4 days old…..cmon, this is brutally bad and grossly irresponsible, shame on u.

  11. Ad that ran before your video is a scam. The same old send us 0.1 bitcoin and we will send you 1 bitcoin. This time supposedly by Sony CEO.
    You may want to contact youtube about it.

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  16. Look deeper into Acra, arcoins primary underwriter is Ceros Financial…they got bought last year by DGB Holdings…as in Digibyte

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