The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin | Documentary On Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies | Award Winning Film

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a 2014 American documentary movie directed by Nicholas Mross. The movie interviews a number of corporations and those that have performed essential roles within the growth of Bitcoin. It first premiered on the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 23, 2014. The movie was nominated for the Best International Documentary Film on the 2014 Zurich Film Festival. This movie has a run time of 96 minutes.

A pc programmer turns into fascinated with the digital foreign money Bitcoin, and thru his involvement within the Bitcoin neighborhood, we study concerning the impending international influence of this wonderful new expertise.

A pc programmer’s lively curiosity in Bitcoin helps illustrate the social and political influence of the world’s first international and open-source digital foreign money.

The documentary follows thirty-five-year-old pc programmer Daniel Mross. On high of his job, youngsters, and marriage, Daniel is an avid fanatic of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. He found Bitcoin in 2011 and from there, he has been fascinated by something that has to do with it. Daniel and, his brother and producer, Nicholas Mross, determined to begin filming as a result of they imagine that this might actually be the way forward for foreign money and filming a documentary is one approach to expedite the method. By doing this, they had been in a position to educate anybody who watched this movie. Throughout Daniel’s journey all over the world, he meets the people who’re main this potential monetary revolution. Daniel and the those that he interviews are the pioneers which might be adventuring into this mysterious idea. The future goes to point out that not everybody concerned, in Bitcoin early, made it out unscathed.

Director: Nicholas Mross

Writers: Patrick Lope, Daniel Mross

Stars: Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong, Margaux Avedisian

#documentaries #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

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The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin | Documentary On Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies | Award Winning Film

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  3. Wow, selling and buying from myself. Imagine all Corporations on the stock market can do the same and! …. and was untraceable? See what happened with Game Stop? People that don't know anything about Market Manipulations are not only drinking the coolaid from a cup but drowning themselves using an Olympic sized swimming pool as their cup.

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  5. You don't have to be a fortune teller to figure the fall of crypto. Governments can't allow any significant such activity. beyond that the systems self destruct. Who is going to mine bitcoin once the remaining 3 milion of the original 2o million coins are found? NO ONE. so the support leaves and runs to the next coin until there is no reward in that one. Each rises and crashes in turn. Sounds like a bad long term plan to me.

  6. It's hard to wrap ones head around a currency with no intrinsic value, but then.. fiat currency has no real intrinsic value either and has moved to a large extent (but not completely) beyond the gold standard. So it's inevitable that a futuristic, more efficient medium to "represent value" (real or subjective) would evolve. The question I have for those more knowledgeable in these matters is, do you think cryptocurrency will eventually be regulated by the World Bank? How does an unregulated currency survive in the global financial system? So many questions..

  7. The Federal Reserve ( A private company) banks and other financial institutions would be having nightmares over Bitcoin.
    They will use their financial resources and muscle to try and force politicians and governments to outlaw crypto currencies, Bitcoin in particular.
    They stand to not only lose billions of dollars but lose the power to control the monetary system of firstly the USA and the majority of the world’s Central Banks.
    With the hacking of The Mt Gox exchange and its eventual closure plus the pending prosecution for money laundering by some major Bitcoin players it isn’t hard to see that the powers that be will go to any lengths to try and discredit and prosecute anyone they perceive as being a threat to their dominance.

  8. I don't get it, can't just a giant group of the super elite wealthy all band together and buy a massive amount of bitcoin right now, drive the price up, and then sell for a massive trillion dollar profit and get richer/crash the value of BTC?

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  21. Lol It's not some made up currency because I read about it in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
    It's only money if people believe it's money.
    I'd rather own a bag of potatoes 🤣

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