The Future Of Bitcoin Cash BCH And Bitcoin BTC – Journal Du Coin Interview

Roger sits down with Journal du Coin to speak about Bitcoin, libertarianism and morality.

0:00 Intro

1:50 Ideology

4:00 Why BCH at the moment?

9:00 Viewpoint on the Lightning Network

11:30 Bitcoin, retailer of worth?

13:45 How does BCH compete with different cryptocurrencies?

14:44 Point of view on DeFi

16:25 Forfeiting American nationality

16:45 Citizen of St-Kitts

17:55 Security for a crypto-millionaire

19:40 Do you continue to have BTC?

20:25 Strategy to guard towards value fluctuations

21:50 Non-crypto investments

23:30 ATH folio?

24:20 Libra Viewpoint (FB)

26:34 The query of over-regulation?

30:35 Opinions on the CoVid disaster

32:02 Final comment

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The Future Of Bitcoin Cash BCH And Bitcoin BTC - Journal Du Coin Interview

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  2. Roger Ver you're the best mate.
    can you make a video detailing about simple ledger protocol ?
    I watched all of the previous one, but I think there's a lot more to talk about it .

  3. Stem cells??? We have been researching these like crazy lately. About fell over when you said stem cells.. my wife had cancer back in 2008 and had to have her thyroid removed. We are looking into stem cells to possibly grow the thyroid back so she does not have to be on any medication. Very cool stuff RV.. 👊🎃👍💯

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