The Federal Reserve: Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

Bonus Presentation right here: Who owns the Federal Reserve? You are about to study one of many greatest secrets and techniques within the historical past of the world… it is a secret that has large results for everybody who lives on this planet. Most individuals can really feel deep down that one thing is not fairly proper with the world financial system, however few know what it’s.

Gone are the times the place a household can survive on only one paycheck… each day evidently issues are an increasing number of uncontrolled, but just one in 1,000,000 perceive why. You are about to find the system that’s in the end accountable for most of the inequality in our world immediately.

The powers that be DO NOT need you to learn about this, as this method is what has saved them on the high of the monetary food-chain for the final 100 years.

Learning it will change your life, as a result of it’ll change the alternatives that you simply make. If sufficient individuals study it, it’ll change the world… as a result of it’ll change the system .

For that is the largest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human historical past have so many been plundered by so few, and it is all achieved by means of this… The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.


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  1. Get gold or silver, food that last a year at least at your home. When hyper inflation kicked in. 100$ will be a couple bucks or so. You would need a bag of debased money=$ to buy groceries or 1 silver coin as an example that had price of 15-18$ per coin. It is like insurance that insure your wealth as well as gold.
    Good and silver have no yield.
    it doesn't matter how much it costs. The only matter is buying power. China, Russia,US are secretly have been buying gold via 3rd party for unanimity purposes.
    Because they understand the buying power of gold and silver.
    When you sit at a table with 10 ton of gold and somebody only has 1 kilo. You know who has muscles at the table to negotiate terms

  2. One of the best videos out there. Thank you for explaining in such simple terms so that anyone and everyone can understand. Really appreciate your thoughts, efforts and actions to educate the people on this. Would love to see more in depth videos from you in the coming times.

  3. OMG, the disaster is coming! But have no fear – let me sell you some gold and silver! 😉
    Guys you not going to live long enough to see the crash.
    Gold is History. Bitcoin is the Future!


  4. It is always good to use what you already have, there is no natural climate change, it is artificially made by the technology not known for the public, it is possible to manipulate with the weather and this is done to get more reasons to create more things to create more debt. Simple as that. If you are borrowing just a tiny bit or not at all is the best option and keep the money in the circle, then there will not be any economy crash.

  5. Thank you for destroying my old toxic paradigms about money! I read about you in a book from a Spanish author called "Sergio Fernández" who recommends your videos in his book about financial freedom. Thank you a lot!

  6. 日本も右だ左だのプロレスを見せられて、このような中央銀行詐欺制度に注目がいかないようにしてるよな。

  7. Ok i get it . Its on a national and global scale . What common man should do? Hoard gold and silver, i guess. When the seventh stage comes into play, as explained in your other videos the curreny would loose their value and gold would rise in price. So what should people do? sell gold at that moment to gain curreny ,which has no value! Its a paradox to me . What do you suggest common man to do?

  8. I agree with totally scam. All gold backup expired in 2005 but this banking corporation doesnt accept the financial reset. In 1950 Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos was behind world bank and IMF and they deposited gold of the Philippines. Search Karen Hudes in youtube. and all documents or TVM LSM 666

  9. Very very helpful. I now realise that I just wasted my 18 years in school, college etc which just taught nothing more than bullshit. You guys just opened my eyes. Thank you from the depth of my heart. Love you guys so so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Federal Reserve was created by the Democrats after they murdered several Republicans that were going to vote against it on the Titanic, sent much of Congress home for Christmas, & on December 23rd, the Corrupt Democrats passed it & Democrat President Wilson quickly signed this horrible crime against humanity into law & President Trump is trying to stop it. That's why they hate him & are trying to stop Donald J Trump. We must pray for his safety and guidance & support President Trump. These people are greedy & evil & must be stopped. God bless our President Trump & USA.

  11. It's the jews. It's always been the jews. They won't say it here, but the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Morgan, Rockefellers, etc. are all jews. They own the overwhelming majority of wealthy in the world. They loan money into existence, at interest. They control most governments. They orchestrate wars and assassinations at will. The serve the devil. People have been saying it for millenia. It's the evil jews. The few who have stood up to them have been crushed mercilessly.

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