The Crypto Bomb You Should Know About

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  1. More than 4 minutes of video and less than 10 seconds of information about the subject of concern. I would not be so critical but for the fact that this is the video that is linked to on the token own promotional web page. Mmmmm….

  2. Love me some Rage! I'm here for my Heidi fix. A song just exploded into my mind (with minor changes)!

    'You are the girl that changed my world
    You are the girl for me
    You lit the FUSE, I stand accused
    You were the first for me
    And you turned me on baby (you dropped a bomb on me)
    Baby, you dropped a bomb on me!
    And you turned me on baby (you dropped a bomb on me)
    Baby, you dropped a bomb on me!"

  3. My positive comment.. I love watching teams that stick with their idea even after their currency crashes. Substratum comes to mind. They lost lots of value, got delisted, but still believe in their project. I'm not saying SUB is going to succeed or that they didn't deserve being delisted. I just like seeing a team still hard at work when all that's left is their idea. Their is no hype money for them any more.

  4. Crypto is the Bomb…It takes the power away from government… cause it really shouldn't be any of their business how much I make or what I spend how much I spend when I spend what I spend it on but they want to know all that they want to control that and that's why they're especially the US government is so afraid of cryptocurrency but yet we don't know how much they make all the time and where it's going. Thanks for the great content keep it up

  5. This video NAILED the importance of cryptocurrency. It's bigger than the trading profits and the technology. Its a massive in experiment in how we think about and interact with money. Why invest in Crypto? Because our relationship with money is changing and you can invest in that future. If crypto was explained like this on a regular basis, it could really help with adoption.

  6. Oh, I thought that explosion was you thinking about me. Gold backed crypto bank babeh 👑⚱️😘
    Secretly start that with me. Nvm that’s already a thing. But nothing says we can’t do it better. 😘

  7. With a name like "bomb", ya know your dealing with bearded, hoodie wearing gamer children. Look into management to see if there is any real world financial and legal wisdom on the team.

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