The Coming Crypto Crash – Are You Prepared?

The crypto crash of 2021 is coming, are you ready? It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is extraordinarily unstable with 30% drops being frequent. But right here is why I imagine the largest crash of the yr remains to be to return.

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Bitcoin has seen many crashes through the years so it’s extremely seemingly that we’ll see extra to return. I might categorise a crash as being a drop of 50% or extra and though the crypto market is kind of turbulent proper now, I believe the large run up and massive crash remains to be to return later within the yr.

We may also cowl some exit methods for taking income. This will embody a low, medium and excessive threat choice for exiting the crypto market and ensuring you make some income.



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The Coming Crypto Crash - Are You Prepared?

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  1. I just graduate and start to have salary and I bought some in the may and now its all time high tf?

  2. You don't understand how it works. Predictability like you are putting forth would be eliminated by people making use of said predictability. Same as for all markets.

  3. I like your honesty that this is a high stakes "game", although I'd be curious to know why you called the peaks "over valued" when there are no reasonable metrics for valuation, the next peaks quickly shot past each previous overvaluation (so how were the previous peaks "over"), and, as you point out, there's no reason to believe that the current leaders should be the most valuable, as opposed to the most famous & gambled upon.

    I believe crypto will achieve long term value, but most of the high cost ones will dissolve by 99.9…% when the first crypto comes along that combines convenience, speed, and stability in ways that most current cryptos have failed to do. So, everything going on right now seems more like gambling than informed investing, and it can only continue as long as more people are willing to buy in and/or a measurably valuable crypto gets traction in the market. After that, I pity the fools who are the last in, because this will crash in spectacular ponzi fashion. I'm not saying this is literally a ponzi scheme, the definition is too narrow, but still, the same result will come in the end when no one wants to gamble on an even higher price. People will soon start to realize that bitcoins are only internally scarce, which will prove to be meaningless since crypto currencies as a category lack the same scarcity. So long term value will be determined by a cryto's ability to become as fast, convenient, and stable as the average person's credit cards. That's when crypto will actually change the world (and Bitcoins will probably become the crypto equivalent of penny stocks). But for now, happy gambling everyone.

  4. Winter storms & hurricanes that result in power outages, internet outage, or a complete power grid failure, coming government regulation, privacy concerns, misplacing you digital wallet code; ONLY PHYSICAL Gold and Silver that has a proven track record of being REAL MONEY for over 6000 years, protects your wealth and buying ability from all of these concerns. NOT a Crypto Fiat Computer Code that's only been around for 10 years.

  5. I searched for much of information and today I seen all came already he is true I will support him

  6. I love crypto especially Hex. Hex pays 40% if staked for 5 years or more. You won't regret it! Peace

  7. But when crypto starts to be more institutionalized which is it suppose to be the opposite compare to your traditional stocks, there will be more even more market manipulation by the top people, a lot slower growth etc.
    People that has been in the crypto game know it moves up and it moves down by a decent amount. But when it moves up, it moves. And yes it does move down. But we know so far this a bull market and it's hard not to make something. Unless you have no idea what your doiing.
    As for the stocks it's really slow, manipulated like no other and they are closed on weekends and holidays.

  8. if you can show me you will follow through about what you "Believe" will happen, then ill listen more. If not, this is just predictable yapping!

  9. Hi. Does Crypto always go up in the long run? Is it safer to invest in a basket of CryptoPortfolio since we don't know which will go up? Thanks.

  10. Everyone should have zero percent of crypto in their portfolio. Tangible assets are the best way forward.

  11. Golden Ratio Bull Run predicts end of September peak, then one year crypto winter. 51%-49% days either side of the halvening.

  12. Please recommend me a crypto YouTube that doesn't make videos with clickbait titles and overdramatized video thumbnails.

  13. Planning on starting to dollar cost average out around July. Potentially be all out in October, I intend to stake my USD coin and get paid 12% …
    Wait for the crash and wait until 2024 for the Bitcoin having, start dollar cost averaging back in …
    I have a set amount of Bitcoin I buy every week like clockwork that will not ever be interrupted, or sold.
    I would rather screw up and get out lil too early then get recked …

  14. if you dont know what crypto is, you will just go with the herd and get burned. if you can pull back and see the reality of fiat going to shit because of vote buying, youll know that holding on through the drops and buying during the dips is going to win vs stocks because most stocks are in bed with the state

  15. I will buy when the New retail money will panic sell after the next bull climax end of year.
    Because thats what happened with me 3 years ago. Sold all in disbelieve.
    Now i now the true value of eth and BTC .
    Just Hope that the Bug institutions dont buyup all remaining btc

  16. I’m going diamond hands with my XRP, I refuse to sell any of it and believe in it long term. Everything else I’m doing the 20% rule

  17. Regardless of the crashes, BTC mean gains are 230% anualy over the last decade. No other asset can compete.

  18. I don’t see your point of it crashing if anything I see it breaking records because right now we have a ton of inflation and the stock market performance is not performing as it once was and crypto has an advantage which is ……. no short selling and it trades 24 hours and you still have the ability to lock in some gains with stable coin as you go. The 2018 crash was different because it was more around bitcoin however you now have the ability to leverage more coins than before. Oh and did I also mention the inflation which I believe works in cryptos favor. I’m bullish on crypto!

  19. With every crash the bottom price more than doubled, so if you hodl for 5 to 10 years you are guarntee to be in good shape. Unless you pick a crypto with no utility or value like DOGECOIN!!

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