The CashFusion Security Audit Has Reached Its Fundraising Goal

What occurred after the BCH Halvening? What goes to occur with CashFusion? Watch the Weekly News Show with Roger Ver!


0:09 – The BCH Halvening occurred this week

1:11 – The CashFusion Security Audit has reached its fundraising aim

2:58 – Speaking of different fundraisers

3:39 – Bitcoin cashDrive prototype created by Peter Rizun

4:25 – promotion

4:42 – r/BTC put up: Put a Bitcoin Cash sticker on your car

5:31 – Rogers ideas concerning the Twitter put up from the CEO of Blockstream

6:48 – Play poker utilizing BCH at

8:46 – FIAT pricing has been launched throughout

9:41 – Rogers ideas on banning a consumer on r/Bitcoin

10:35 – Donation to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

12:17 – 25 transaction chained restrict on Bitcoin Cash is doubling

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The CashFusion Security Audit Has Reached Its Fundraising Goal

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  1. If the BTC Core dopes had raised the blocksize just 1 lousy megabyte, bitcoin probably wouldn't have forked, the bitcoin run wouldn't have stalled, bitcoin would still be accepted at Microsoft, Steam, Paypal, reddit, Dell, hundreds of pubs, bars, B&Bs, etc. There wouldn't have been $50 transaction fees, AND they could have worked on their 2nd layer solution without a string fale promises of "just 6 months away". But noooOOOOoooo. Thanks neckbeards!

  2. Hi Roger, ur voice must go viral. Please market official channel atleast 1 million subscribers..U r doing awesome work but Few K views really hurt..πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome news about the Cash Fusion fund Roger.

    In terms of what's next, I still think we should focus on increasing privacy features on BCH.

    Is there anyway we can enable balances to be shielded on BCH when someone looks up your address?

    Between that and cash fusion I think we would be within rights to declare ourselves the leading privacy coin.

    I think it should be optional too as it allows transparency on addresses and balances when it is needed, for example fundraising initiatives

  4. Seriously Charlie just increased the total coins, the block size, and changed the mining algorithm. That's all litecoin is. What a bunch of nonsense. And people support it. Roger you just said, we should other projects. Well no thanks. Why would I support so many useless things. Litecoin is one of them. The only reason it exists it's to make Charlie rich lol

  5. Roger please try to contact Akon the Singer. He wants to have a cryptocurrency for the Akon City he is building. Maybe he can use Bitcoin Cash.

  6. A guy like charlie lee, who "creates" and promotes a crypto then sells at the top, is nothing but a crook. If you are out there holding that litecoin crap, I advise you to get rid of it.. fast!.. In the meantime, back the truck up on BCH. 100X move is coming… oh.. and thanks for Cash fusion! Keep up the good work!

  7. The guys at blockstream are a bunch of IDIOTS !!!!!! AND CHARLIE LEE IS A COWARD his word is crap. !!!!! Keep puting him on blast see if one of these days he mans up and accepts his lose and calls you ! GO BCH OMG XRP ZCOIN

  8. I can help with pushing for adoption here on the African Continent some we can do with a fundraiser. Just been sending slp tokens.

  9. The poker site is awesome, I have been playing there every day since we have that corona hoax going and I won quite a lot!!! Sweet action going at most times of the day, also seems to be a trustworthy site.

  10. this is just getting sad, i appreciate all your effort but nothing ever will dethrone btc…. it is the reserve currency of digital assets…..period

  11. The reason mempool chained transaction limit is a problem on Bitcoin Cash is the block time variance: we regularly have to wait an hour or more for a block to mined. This is caused by the flawed DAA and the fact that BCH is a minority chain (unfortunately).

  12. Litecoin is based on the same brand effect of bitcoin core so what do you expect from Charlie. Admiting on chain scale is good for him means admiting litecoin has no real value (which he knows or he wouldn't sell his litecoin).

  13. I really would use BCH for online payments, but the block time is so slow and inconsistant. If I do a BTC transaction with 0,01$ fee, it gets confirmed faster … πŸ™

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