The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 53- Proud to have by no means heard of Nipsey Hussle! Bitcoin tradition!

Baltimore, MD- I’ve eliminated myself from 80%er culture- I had by no means heard of Nipsey Hussle earlier than. Can you say the identical? Lots of people could be higher off in the event that they bought into “Bitcoin culture”. Zehut information from Israel. Cashless ideas. Onions, Andrew Yang, Senolytics, Baltimore, scapegoating, social battle, and extra!

Andrew Yang-
Nipsey Hussle –
Yaron Brook Israel-
Social War-
Zuckerberg regulation-

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  1. Poor Taste !!!! To disrespect Nipsey like that is pure ignorance man! Just another example of someone (you) showing pure ignorance and belittlement of someone and a "culture" as you say , that you know nothing about . As a man myself , who happens to be black , it is always a sight to see watching someone of another race speak on someone or something they don't know about . Don't let your baltimore run ins with black folks dumb you down like 98% of white people . For you to have shows that educate people, shows how even more ignorant you are to speak on something you don't know about lol. If you just read one thing on Nip, you would appreciate his efforts to be a do it yourself type , just like you preach here everyday. Really sad Adam , been a fan for years, Can't do it anymore . Remember , He who know something, KNOWS he knows nothing at all !!!!!

  2. Appreciate your point of view, especially on the 80/20 pop culture thing. You're right & I like your positivity about it. I'm frequently mocked because I don't know about the latest Kardashian episode or any Nipsey "song". Your political pov also seems spot on but will surely trigger some people.

  3. Why? Because world opinion is that Israel is nothing more than a racist, war mongering, child murdering, land thieving, apartheid committing, western backed illegal regime. Public opinion has clout.

    Anyhow, BDS people!  It's working. $35 billion a year in lost revenue.

  4. Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ another day closer, and more good crypto news from UK – Crypto sponsored English Premier League Soccer team Wolverhampton Wanderers are in Semi/Final of the major Soccer UK Cup competition the FA Cup this weekend –

    The ‘Wolves’ were the top team in England in the 1950s and following sponsorship by crypto exchange Coindeal have started to return to former glories recently beating Manchester United. This weekends match will be shown worldwide on TV from London’s Wembley Stadium.

    I’ll let you know the result………if they win!

  5. LoveLife <>Have a confessional <>A Fantastic Fantasy<>Get In To MSLSD Live Morning Show, with a Paint Ball Gun, & Permanence “Magic” marker, just Glaze the Whole Demented Crew, Just WAXXed Them, the Controls On The Live feed get Frozen, & the Massive Attacks Go Out To Entertaining Sheeples 🇨🇭”Permanent Pink DayGlo” 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥✨

  6. Adam, you might become more popular for this video, but not for the best of reasons. Making such a statement about Nipsey without knowing who he was is very lazy on your behalf. No one needs to be offended by what you said, but know that what you are speaking is actually not progressive.

  7. I get your point about nipsey hussle but he made huge impacts and was big in real estate, owned his masters to his music plus he was big into crypto btw his crypto holding was close 1m in crypto. He was a very entrepreneurial guy. He wasn’t just any other rapper

  8. show some respect for the dead and grieving. bringing up nipsey hussle in this way was in very bad taste. i get your point but this is a terrible way of making it. in fact the point is completely lost, when you use a tragedy like this to make it. a lot of people wouldnt know who you are either if you were murdered. but your family and friends would still be crying. perhaps youve never lost a loved one to murder ? shit hurts bro. big time. regardless of their fame or if adam meister ever heard of them.
    Stick to BTC.

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