The Best Crypto ASIC Miner For Residential Mining – Goldshell HS1 Review

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The Goldshell have launched some actually spectacular cryptocurrency mining rigs, like their HS3 that mines $25 {dollars} a day, that is fairly wild. The Goldshell HS1 and it is up to date large brother the HS1-Plus are tremendous environment friendly crypto miners that actually run off of a laptop computer charger so uh yeah you possibly can mine at dwelling EASY, which is all the time tremendous cool to see. The Goldshell HS1 is projected to breakeven inside a yr, that is an awesome ROI mining the Handshake HNS cryptocurrency coin. Let’s evaluate the Goldshell HS1, HS3, and the HS1 Plus!

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The Best Crypto ASIC Miner For Residential Mining - Goldshell HS1 Review

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  1. are these even available to the public? I can't seem to find ANY asic miner anywhere. everything is out of stock and i can't find anywhere offering pre-orders.

  2. ASIC miners are the way forward it looks like – It is even better that we are seeing more "desktop" ASIC for the general entry level enthusiasts. I would love to get my hand on one of these, but of course they are sold out.

    Love the videos – keep it up!

  3. WOW it is smaller than the spider web in front of it!!!. And really low noise. Where can I purchase asic miners???

  4. 220v is not industrial, is actually standard wall voltage in Europe… they even go up to 400v without any special setup 😉

  5. I have natural gas that is being flared off oil wells because there is no pipeline available. What would be the best set up for mining using this gas to power a generator? I can run about 50kw currently based on gas volumes and generator

  6. What a great software I received from him also HACKERJUAN 🤓… I was so suprised when I was also introduce to him from my neighbor after seeing lot of comments about him on YouTube he has been the backbone for most families and restructuring of destroyed life🥺 .. am also happy to be among the lucky people who was also amazed by his software… may God bless you sir HACKERJUAN ON TELEGRAM .🙏❤️

  7. Uwaga na firme sprzedaja uzywane koparki taki sprzet do mnie przyjehal za 6000 zł sprzet z polamanym wiatrakiek dziurami na spojeniach blachy posklejany kurzem na łopatkach wiatrakow ewidentnie byl uzywany i naprawiany przez okres roku

  8. In 2017, I invested a lot of asic like X10, L3 +, A8 .. now can't dig anymore because electricity bill is too high. I lost a lot of money

  9. I am new to mining and like the hs1+, but is there any way to trade Handshake for bitcoin. This may be a dumb question but I couldn’t find anything on google.

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  11. How many bitcoins could i get a year with 10 of these : AvalonMiner 1246 – 90T with 0.08$ kwh electricity cost , do you recommend Avalon miners?

  12. I understand you totally, I don't want to bet on handshake coin. Now if it give options like the coinone miner that would be nice.

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