The Best Altcoins To HODL Pre-Bitcoin Halving Are…

The Bitcoin Halving 2020 Nears! What are the very best Altcoins to HODL earlier than the BIG occasion? We predict some DeFi cryptos may simply have a much bigger pump than BTC. Ethereum & Chainlink are two we foresee making strikes…however what different cash? You gotta tune in to search out out!

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The Best Altcoins To HODL Pre-Bitcoin Halving Are...

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  1. this is awesome guys‼, i earn 3 btc today from vastlinkshack , com they are legit and fast, i can't thank them enough👍👍👍

  2. Liquid is shit. Even the CTO stopped. This scam company is worthy of one of your investigations. Basically no communication about the ledger that they are supposedly working on.

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  4. Who knows something about Zilliqa (ZIL) It might be something to it but I need verification though? Please comment if you have some real insight or some knowledge to not just a feeling please

  5. Ok buy. Can't handle the self praise of his user comments. Coinbase Oracle l. Impaired to ChainLink when ChainLink is focused on polkadot . Man ifbjf bakkdbdx"BC:

  6. Does anyone remember when CHICO was pushing CHC? OH MAN I WAS HOPING THIS VIDEO WOULD BE GOOD BUT ITS SPENT a third of the video reading people praising him and talking about tweets. Come on , this sucks. Yes vchain is garbage. It's to well behind.

  7. Why is Vitalik the creator of ethereum but nobody discusses Gavin Wood who is now releasing POLKADOT which is so much more than ETH

  8. Going to be nice when my $15 ethereum is moved to 2.0 and I'm left with $11"000 ethereum 2.0 and $100 eth 1.0. Hopefully ETC makes a bit tooo

  9. You should see the games being built right now on ps5 that's using ENjin. I've been told Astro Bots 2 will have ENjin in it on ps5.

  10. I live ethereum too but bashing ADA is dumb. Charles Hoskins is absolutely an amazing human being and his vision is super massive. Don't compare the two. Charles is the Elon Musk of crypto. Don't anyone tell me that Vitalik is because first ask yourself what Gavin did and what happens when Gavin releases the polkadot mainnet next week. Just remember how massive he was in ethereum. If you don't know his role then you don't know ethereum. (Not directed at this guy with the worst voice on YouTube.

  11. Chico I've been giving you crap since you got in on the scene back around your fav coin CHC and your mate Max. Damn those were funny days. Anyway just wanted to say you should see the invites that BLOCKPORT sent out. Yes I know they had trouble after they become the FIRST EUROPEAN REGULATED STO sale but their BPT token still is in the game and their new partner that has millions of users using Bpt for crypto now and not was always a good trading platform with best pricing and good trading clients but the social trading aspect too. I like how they made themselves regulated in every country before allowing them to sign up. BPT is 2.1c and this will be a $1 standard exchange token at very minimum. You should research it. Sorry I haven't watched your channel since your first few episodes but I know even some of my friends from back in silk road 1 days still watch you so I figured I'd at least say you you should start seeing what's going on. I can forward you the invite to the new platform for you to read etc. It's going to be a big deal pretty quickly I'd say. Also Rembert when GAS was always 50% the price of NEO. it was always said since the NEO 3.2c ICO that GAS would be what people spend and NEO would be what people keep locked up. For that to happen in the long term you're going to see gas get back to being 50% of NEO firstly bit just remember how little GAS there is. Also ocean protocol and look howsmall amount of coins the tomochain is. Btw, I've got the unstoppable domain of NewYorkStockExchange.crypto and all the top USA real estate agent crypto domain names if you wanted them. I had chrissmith.crypto in my cart for $40 and forgot to pay and now it's $8000. I got thinks like Altman brothers.crypto etc. Need a good home. Some people are talking about this year having 2017 vibes but that's laughable because with most projects prices being 90% lower than their ICO prices, it's more like 2015 vibes when ETH came out and 2016 for NEO. You see, POLKADOT comes out next week and that's about the biggest thing since ethereum if not Bitcoin. Only 5m Mac can be staked as rest are being parachained and if just half the 5m get staked that's a 40% ROI. DOT will FOMO to 12k to 25k before sitting on 1500 to 4500. Buyingpolkadot coins like ocean protocol and ChainLink and others are the way to go. Even kusama will go to 10% the dot price and the dot prices on the CMC and gecko have no bearing on what the price will be as they aren't very liquid on 9uroise wand every VC wants them. In sure you got some but if not I got a few wallets of them and happy to send you a small amount of you want to discuss a few things privately.

  12. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading,and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. until i came Denis Mark Trading, turned my life around, I'm so grateful!

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