Tezos(XTZ) may make you a Millionaire: Here's how a lot you want

Tezos(XTZ) may make you a Millionaire: Here’s how a lot you want
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  1. $15.12 — Semi-Optimistic within a year — 66137 needed — $93915.34
    $30.24 — Optimistic within a year — 33069 needed — $46,957
    $173.927 — 4.5 years — 5749 needed — $8164.34
    $668.95 — 8 years — $2120

  2. The calculation is too simplistic. The cost of purchase and capital gain tax should be taken into consideration. Post-tax gains are more important. And what about the number of baked XTZ? which should be taken into calculation for distribution of XTZ….

  3. Nice vidoe It's time to stop gambling money and looking at prices all day by building a rock strong winning strategy and start making a profit by sticking to it. The key is to do this without emotion doubts as this is the biggest self setback as a business person. Some people are still waiting for a correction to start buying bitcoins and others are waiting for a major bull run to start making a profit but those approaches are wrong and my portfolio is a testimony to that. I actually may not be as good as I sound but I am smart. I researched and followed Rudolph Shelton for trade patterns and signals which have been so accurate, easy to use and good my portfolio is exploding with profit. I suggest him ([email protected]) for all who seriously want to make incredible profit from bitcoin without having to just buy and hold which is easiest to do but very unproductive right now and most likely in the future

  4. It's got nearly 1 billion coins! Why are companies going to use Tezos? You don't think companies will be making their one blockchain (should they require them) in 5 years time? Who are going to build their sto on Tezos? Its not 2017 anymore with any chancer going to try to set up their own coin to milk unsuspecting easy targets.

  5. Bob if you looking for project witch is even better then Tezos but still is very low you should do proper reserch OWN (CHX) For current price is much easier to do bigger gain.
    They even build decentralized security tokens exchange and it's starting by the end of the year.

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