Stop Obsessing Over Bitcoins Price (And Be Ready For Big Moves)

Do you end up obsessively checking crypto costs?

If so, you are not alone. I lately did a Twitter survey asking what number of occasions individuals examine bitcoin’s worth each day, and over 40% of individuals stated they examine it OVER 10 TIMES a day!

So in as we speak’s video, I’m going to indicate you a course of that may assist you cease obsessing over crypto costs, and be ready to catch the large strikes.


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Stop Obsessing Over Bitcoins Price (And Be Ready For Big Moves)

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  1. Question of the day – What's your favorite app or trading platform to set alerts for price breaks?

  2. Nah i'm good i set alarms on support and resistance and if I am in a trade on stop loss and profit targets

  3. Another dose of common sense and practical advice. Thanks as always Chris. We're about to do a "Bitcoin trading in 2020" for our "Bitcoin Basics Podcast" and would love to interview you and pick your brain. Our audience are beginner investors and/or n00bs so you'd be perfect. How about a collab?

  4. This was super helpful. i was surprised at how much of it is naturally a part of my trading process. Personally, iit comes more from a place of risk/cryptoroll management than from obsession.

  5. FINNEXUS is the smartest investment in the space right now due to the fact that participants in the finnexus sale won't lose anything

  6. I only started to watch the price again after bear market ended, but now I cannot stop anymore…I'm hooked again.

  7. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. I think I deleted a Blockchain wallet that had a couple of Bitcoin in it. Blockchain logged me out and then my facial recognition stopped working at that same moment. I've contacted Blockchain and they were able to send me all of my previous wallets which I was able to restore using my 12 word pass phrase. Problem is, my Bitcoin are not in any of those wallets. I know the date those wallets were created but there is nothing showing for those two dates. If that wallet ID has been lost/deleted – are my coins forever lost?? Complete noob – feeling like a dumbass…..

  8. When you barley open your eyes to unlock face id just to check crypto prices so you can choose to either sleep in for a little bit after feeling some relief, or the pain of seeing it drop.

  9. People who check often were in the bullrun back on 2017, when it happens it's going to be a quick window to take profits.

  10. Thanks for the video. The poll was done in twitter where lots of followers are traders. They of course check prices all day long.

  11. Next Bitcoin shirt partnered Watford FC game next weekend against Manchester United in the EPL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

    NBA Dallas MavericKs ⛹🏻‍♂️now accepting Bitcoin also, and Łitecoin logo in lights at NFL Miami Dolphins 🐬 games.

    Benfica Soccer Club in Europe too ⚽️ accepting Bitcoin. A rising tide lifts all ships 🌬.🛳🚢⛴⛵️

  12. I check it like 2-3 times per week, sometimes on the same day. Usually after some YT video on the subject. Really I don't care untill it moves over 20k(i will slowly start to sell) or under 3k (I will slowly start to buy) So all of the current moves are quite boring, also have other stuff to do.

  13. Faced same issues missing buying and selling targets!!! Time to work on it thanks for the advice!!!

  14. 😊😍 U r the best. I am bagging profit because of your videos 😊 I'm not a pro but your videos help me a lot to gain profit for 1 year now. Thank u so much Sir 👍

  15. Chris, you always praise trade less profit more. But in this video you are catching 10%-20% moves which is super short term. Can you explain the contradiction? Thank you.

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