Stellar XLM Down 76%, Vechain VET Worried About Price? Holochain HOLO Hackathon, Digibyte DGB Price

Some enjoyable Stellar XLM Vechain VET, Ripple XRP, Holochain HOT & PundiX NPXS speak!

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  1. Relatively entry level at this point doesn't matter. Whether you buy at 9k or 12k will make very little difference if bitcoin reaches 40k or whatever in the next year or so. It's when you SELL that counts. That's why I'm not stressing, yet..My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Jose Amaury’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.7btc to 9btc in just 3wks. You can reach him on mail- [email protected] WhatsApp +1.845-400-7574 or Telegram @ jose126.

  2. HoloChain is going to be an amazing coin longterm. I mean the Co Founder of Co-Founder of Netflix and the Human and Cultural Insights at Coca-Cola are working for Holochain now. They are huge and with their new Holo Port is going to change the Internet Just watch. I'm going to be buying on this next month. Check them out and be apart of the future of free internet.

  3. Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging videos, bitcoin has been having good rise these days and I was curious on how to make good profits from bitcoin, also everyone was expecting bitcoin to hover up to 9,000 and it has been two weeks I started investing and buying some crypto coins and I have lost almost all my portfolio because of my naivety towards the digital market, I never lost hope on bitcoins as a beginner so followed some YT tutorials not until I stumbled on DAI videos where a commenter gave feedbacks and good review on Mr. Thiago Fernandez as a good trade analyst and trade expert, so without hesitation I contacted him for his good work, crypto insights and signals analysis, and thankfully its 2 weeks now trading with his techniques and I have made from 0.3 BTC to 5btc and that is the most amazing part of trading with the help of an expert because winning is always certain. So If you need help recovering your lost or you're a new beginner I advise you to reach him at via ([email protected] Gmail. com) WhatsApp +447427465172.

  4. Good video but keybase is bs…I signed up on September 10th when I read about it, went through there big kyc approval and when I went to airdrop it said I was not qualified because u had to sign up before September 9th….so stay away
    If this is not true please let me know

  5. Vet many, many behind the scenes. Price is manipulative by inside billionaires. The price need to be low in this early stage of adoption, for the next enterprises. I believe companies like Coca Cola, DHL and Nike will follow. Maybe not soon, and that's why the price need to be low at the moment.

    Vechain's all time high of 9 dollar cents ( for the vechain noobs, 9 dollar) was just for getting attention. I believe it's still very early days.

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